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Writing and Your Day Job with Jeannie Mobley-Tanaka

Today I’m hosting my talented friend and agency mate, Jeannie Mobley-Tanaka, who’s debut middle grade novel KATERINA’S WISH has not one, not two but THREE starred reviews.  As if that wasn’t over-achievement enough, Jeannie is a renowned interpretive dancer (click … Continue reading


Peter Salomon on Novel Beginnings and HENRY FRANKS

Peter Salomon’s HENRY FRANKS appears in bookstores this month to rave reviews. Last spring I got to read the haunting opening scene and had a chance to chat with Peter about those deliriously, difficult-to-write novel beginnings. The Opening Scene of … Continue reading


Critique Questions for the Average Joe … Or Mike!

So I’m revising a middle-grade manuscript and my critique group made some assumptions about my story based on my first chapter — that were completely incorrect. While the corrections seemed like easy fixes, I wanted to make sure I had … Continue reading


More … on Rhyming Picture Books

I’ve gone on and on, in the past, about lining up loads of fresh readers for your rhyming picture books in order to make sure your verse rolls right off the tongue and that no rhyme or rhythm trips your … Continue reading


What Would You Have In Your Dream Writing Space? I Need Your Advice.

A personal massage therapist to work out all those keyboarding kinks? Ahhhh, of course. So I’m taking my new-found empty-nest-hood rather seriously and refurbishing my kids’ computer room to be my home office (the kitchen table just isn’t cutting it). … Continue reading

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