On a Personal Note

Busy Builders, Busy Week! Book Bash Day 3

Welcome, friends, to Day 3 of my BUSY BUILDERS, BUSY WEEK! Book Bash. In my latest book, each day of the week features a colorful cast of animal characters and a different construction activity as the digging, dumping and ‘dozing lead up to one stupendous surprise! So, it seemed only fitting that for a days-of-the-week… Read more »

A Very Old Winnie the Pooh

A good friend who’s studying at Cambridge visited us over the Christmas holidays for a little skiing and relaxation. Then, a couple weeks later, we received this with his thank you note. I didn’t know that Milne was a student at Cambridge. As you can see, this was ONLY the 68th printing of the book…. Read more »

Clear the Clutter to Open Up Creativity

Whether it’s the clutter on your desk, the clutter in your fridge or the clutter in your mind, clutter equals stress. And stress and clutter take up valuable creative brain space and creative energy. A great exercise for transitioning into the new year is to take care of your non-creative business so that you can… Read more »

Much Joy This Holiday Season

Sorry, I’ve been a little distracted the last few weeks. And here’s why. My lovely granddaughter was born.So while my blog has been a little empty, my heart has been very, VERY full.I’ll be back on the blog next week! Wishing you all many blessings in the New Year!Jean

What Would You Have In Your Dream Writing Space? I Need Your Advice.

A personal massage therapist to work out all those keyboarding kinks? Ahhhh, of course. So I’m taking my new-found empty-nest-hood rather seriously and refurbishing my kids’ computer room to be my home office (the kitchen table just isn’t cutting it). Other than lots and lots of shelves, some workhorse filing cabinets and a wide surface… Read more »