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Coming of age in black and white – WHAT I SAW AND HOW I LIED

Before G, PG and PG13 movie ratings, we had As and Bs. I was quite young when the rating system changed but I still remember my parents talking in whispers about B movies. Unlike PG13 movies which often ride the … Continue reading


The Vibrant Triangle Part II

“I try to remember now that my words on the page, my manuscripts, even (one day!) my published books are not the finished product. The experience of a child listening to my story completes the process. I just love that … Continue reading


The Vibrant Triangle in Picture Books

Why are certain picture books read over and over again? Why do some become beloved bedtime or story time tales? According to Tam Smith, children’s author, the answer is found in The Vibrant Triangle. This is no Da Vinci Code, … Continue reading


National Picture Book Writing Week!

Can you write 7 books in 7 days? Or maybe just one perfect picture book. The challenge begins tomorrow. And Paula Yoo kicks it off here National Picture Book Writing Week.


Creating the perfect “inciting incident”

When I’ve finished reading Les Edgerton’s HOOKED: WRITE FICTION THAT GRABS READERS AT PAGE ONE AND NEVER LETS THEM GO, I plan on writing a review – a stellar review – because I’m completely taken with his pin-point logic, instruction … Continue reading

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