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Don’t Play it Safe in Picture Books

So often, as I critique picture book manuscripts, I’m drawn into a story that has a fabulous premise which as carried out is “nice.” But “nice” is usually not good enough for a picture book to be competitive in today’s … Continue reading


Examine Your Scene Arcs with Chapter Titles

I’m currently revising my latest middle grade novel and going through the exercise of dropping the chapters into a spreadsheet with columns labeled for chapter numbers, chapter description, setting, and a column for each major character where I place an … Continue reading


Pay it Forward Friday: Minute Mentoring for Writers

Today I’m participating in a Speed Mentoring program at a local high school. I’m one of 30 mentors giving kids my best 3 minutes of advice, rotating through five groups of 10 kids each. So essentially I’ll be imparting “wisdom” … Continue reading


MOCKINGBIRD and “Showing” Emotion

So I pulled MOCKINGBIRD from the shelf because I’d been aware but not completely in touch with the praise it’s received. I hadn’t read the reviews. I didn’t even know what it was about. I just knew that people – … Continue reading


So you want to write a novel…

Thank you Jennifer Nielsen for bringing this to my attention:

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