A Very Purpley and Writerly Birthday Gift!

My daughter, Molly gave me the most lovely birthday gift – a journal. But it’s not just any journal. Here’s what she inscribed in it:


I know it may seem like all the Reidy family gives each other anymore are journals. Also, it seems that you have been receiving a lot of strange, purple knick-knacks recently. Well, to celebrate your book, TOO PURPLEY! (and your birthday) I want to give you this journal. I want you to use it to record each step along your TOO PURPLEY journey.


  • Record memories of your school visits.
  • Take note of those who inspired you, supported you, made this possible.
  • Take a moment each time you write to think about what you have to be thankful for.
  • Perhaps write anything that may be stressing you out.
  • Highlight the best part of your day.
  • Maybe try writing down the funny things people do to make you laugh so you can REMEMBER THEM!

Well, Mom, I want to say congratulations on the release of your book. I am so proud to call you my mom. And Happy 51st Birthday! Thank you for inspiring me every day to work hard, have fun, love lots, and to truly be myself and be my best.

I love you so much! Molly

As writers, we journal a lot – whether on note pads, or napkins or sometimes even in journals. But I haven’t yet journaled about the process of writing and publishing itself, and all the angst, excitement and joy that go with it. I think it could be a wonderful exercise.

I love you back, Miss Molly. And thank you for my perfect gift.

5 Responses to “A Very Purpley and Writerly Birthday Gift!”

  1. Natalie

    Here I was getting all teary reading your daughter's lovely note, until I got to the part about you being 51…what!? You could pass for 31!! Happy Birthday, you young-looking thing, you! 🙂 Natalie

  2. Penny Ehrenkranz

    This is a thoughtful gift. So many times I've thought of journaling my writing process, but end up with notebooks filled with random notes! Happy belated birthday.