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Bird by Bird by Chapter

Novel revision doesn’t seem quite so formidable when it’s tackled one issue at a time, one character at a time, one chapter at a time. So today I pulled one problem chapter out of my binder – a mere four … Continue reading


That part with all the dramatic music and amazing scenery …

 … and the main character comes to a realization of what he/she must do to move forward. It’s called the epiphany. In movies we have all the special effects and scenery in the world to keep them interesting. The main … Continue reading


Critique Questions for the Average Mike … Picture Book Edition.

Sometimes the freshest eyes are those of readers who don’t also write. And without minds muddied by picture book writing rules or market madness, Average Mike (nicknamed after my husband who sometimes fills this role) readers can offer a quick, … Continue reading


Picture Book Writers – Turn Picture Book Month Into Picture Book Year: 12 Reasons Why!

If you’re a picture book writer, during Picture Book Month inspiration abounds via challenges like Tara Lazar’s PiBoIdMo. But at some point you have to actually write the books. How about one per month? I learn volumes about the art … Continue reading


Blog Brilliance: Biblio Links

For anyone who is a follower of my blog, I’d like to redirect you to one of my favorite blogs:BIBLIO LINKS The sole purpose of school librarian and children’s author, Natalie Dias Lorenzi’s Biblio Links is to match kids with … Continue reading

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