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Thoughts from Picture Book Peeks: The PB Pitch

What is your book about? It’s probably the most asked question – second only to “Where can I buy it?” – of writers. But how often do your take your answer seriously? Can you sum up your story before the … Continue reading


Is it November Yet? Prewriting for National Novel Writing Month

This past month, when I had three other writing projects going, a new story idea sprang to life. Not only that, it roared and flailed and gnashed until it forced me to jot down ideas – which I did, in … Continue reading


Totally Awesome Takeaways from Mary Kole’s Beginnings Workshop

Literary agent, Mary Kole, who specializes in children’s literature at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, recently completed her 5-part Novel Beginnings Workshop. Her thoughtful critiques of 5 submitted novel openers are brimming with tips on writing beginnings that hook your … Continue reading


Revising Beyond the Critique

Last week I brought a new picture book manuscript to my critique group. They loved it (YIPPEE!) with the exception of one minor detail – the opening line. Unanimously it “didn’t work” for them which is critique-speak for “we hated … Continue reading


Points From PB Peeks: What Happens Right Before Your Ending?

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned Allyn Johnston’s and Marla Frazee’s wise words about picture book endings. Yes, endings should disarm us. They must have a touch of mystery, a touch of magic and space for the reader … Continue reading

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