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The Picture Book Writing Post in Which I Cheat and Simply Link to Another Post

Here it is! This post from Hélène Boudreau and Debi Ohi is just too good to pass up.If you are an aspiring picture book writer, I dare you not to read this: Making off like a bandit, here! Jean


How a Novelist Learned to Write Picture Books by Anna Staniszewski

My friend and agency mate, Anna Staniszewski‘s publishing success sounds a little like a fairy tale — hugely popular novels, sequels, prequels. WOW! Then, just like Jenny, the main character in her latest novel My Epic Fairy Tale Fail, Anna … Continue reading


Clear the Clutter to Open Up Creativity

Whether it’s the clutter on your desk, the clutter in your fridge or the clutter in your mind, clutter equals stress. And stress and clutter take up valuable creative brain space and creative energy. A great exercise for transitioning into … Continue reading


Writing as a Career: Jennifer Nielsen on the Realities and Economics of Publishing

As the new year begins, whether you’re dabbling in writing, considering a career as a writer, selling your first book or just curious about the nuances and economics of traditional publishing, you might wonder if  children’s authors can make a … Continue reading


5 Unusual Places to Find Picture Book Inspiration

Picture book ideas can hit at the most unlikely times. In honor of picture book month, I’m reprinting my post from last year’s PiBoIdMo about my most unusual sources of inspiration. 1. YouTubeKids say and do the darndest things, right? … Continue reading

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