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Low-Tech, At-Home Learning: A Pup By Any Other Name

Luna, the sea otter pup at the center of my story Pup 681 became a true celebrity when the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago teamed up with Good Morning America to hold a contest for her naming. But until she was named, … Continue reading


Low-Tech, At-Home Learning: Cities, Towns and Venn Diagrams!

Whenever I read my book All Through My Town to young listeners, I tell them that many of the details were inspired by the Chicago suburb where I grew up – Highland Park, IL. I call it a town. But it’s … Continue reading


Low-Tech, At-Home Learning: Yukky and Yummy Plates!

When we think of at-home learning, we can’t forget the younger set. Here’s a simple activity I did with kindergartners who were cracking up over my book TOO PICKLEY! You don’t need to have the book in front of you … Continue reading


Low-Tech, At-Home Learning: Color a Bedtime Quilt

Hi friends, I’m so thrilled that teachers and librarians are re-discovering my book LIGHT UP THE NIGHT. Because while it’s certainly a cumulative verse bedtime book, it’s also an early social studies, science and geography lesson about earth, space and … Continue reading


Low-Tech At-Home Learning: Create a Playground Blueprint

When we’re stuck inside, there may be no better time to dream about the great outdoors – walks in the park, riding bikes, a game of tag … and what about that perfect playground? All through my book Busy Builders, … Continue reading

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