A School Library Journal Starred Review for A BOOK ABOUT YOU AND ALL THE WORLD TOO!

With the excitement of an upcoming book release, also comes a bit of worry … about reviews, that is.

A good review is like a “Phew!”

A great review is like a “Well, what do you know?”

And, let me tell you, a starred review is full-blown, heart-in-your-throat gratitude and elation.

Thank you School Library Journal for this glowing, starred review of A BOOK ABOUT YOU AND ALL THE WORLD TOO! I couldn’t be more excited and more grateful to illustrator Joey Chou, agent Erin Murphy and the entire amazing team at HarperCollins.

Here it is:

“Imagine the beauty and wonder that could be found in a book written by the world’s children. In this story, readers are introduced to a wide range of young people, all coming together with the collective intent of creating a shared narrative. Readers are presented with myriad possibilities for action in the hypothetical story described within the pages of this book, including swimming with salmon and spelunking in an unexplored cave. But no matter what the children decide to experience, their shared love crosses any barriers that might exist. This enables the children to create not only a beautiful story for themselves, but one for the world, as well. This heartwarming and whimsical picture book celebrates the potential found in every child to step into their lives with joy, curiosity, and the untethered ability to make the world a better place. Told in short, rhyming couplets, the narrative is easily accessible to very young readers, and it is designed to be voiced aloud thanks to its singsong rhythm and balanced meter. Digitally rendered illustrations depict a variety of children in enchanting scenes, using bright, vibrant colors to attract the attention of young children in particular. ­Together, the narrative and ­images ­complement one ­another, and they succeed in inspiring ­readers of all ages to bravely venture into the world they imagine. VERDICT This expertly designed picture book is a love letter to the Earth’s future, and it is a joy to read aloud to young children.”

What a great way to start the weekend.

A BOOK ABOUT YOU AND ALL THE WORLD TOO comes out on June 13th. To learn more or to preorder your copy, see the book page here on my website. 

Happy Reading!

SYLVIE is a sight to be seen!

Friends, illustrator Lucy Ruth Cummins and I are absolutely thrilled that our sweet and surreptitious SYLVIE is a finalist for the Colorado Book Award 2023, the winner of the Children’s Book Council’s Favorites Award for 2023, a nominee for the 2024 Grand Canyon Reader Award and one of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books of 2022. SYLVIE is a story about courage, community, friendship and one small spider with a big, bold heart. She’s rocking the reading world and is in hiding no more! Hooray!


To find out more about SYLVIE or to purchase your copy, please see her book page on my website.

With excitement and gratitude,




SYLVIE is one of the best books of 2022!



Right before the end of 2022, we received some excellent end-of-the-year news! I’m so honored and excited that SYLVIE (from Lucy Ruth Cummin, Atheneum/Simon & Schuster and me!) has been named one of the Best Books of 2022 by The Canadian Children’s Book Centre! And we couldn’t be more excited.

To find out more about SYLVIE or to purchase your copy, please see her book page on my website.

Happy Reading!





A GRAND DAY in The New York Times!

What a wonderful Sunday surprise! A GRAND DAY is in The New York Times!!! And the review calls it “a rollicking celebration of familial love, in all its intergenerational, interracial and differently abled forms.” So grateful for illustrator extraordinaire, Samantha Cotterill (Friends, her art will make you want to jump right into the pages!), agent Erin Murphy, editors Sylvie Frank & Paula Wiseman and the entire dream team at SimonKIDS. Wahoo! ❤️ https://www.nytimes.com/…/sabine-timm-jamie-michalak…

Here’s the glorious review:

“[W]ipe the sleep from your eyes already, because Jean Reidy and Samantha Cotterill’s A GRAND DAY (Paula Wiseman/Simon & Schuster, 40 pp., $18.99, ages 4 to 8) is a rollicking celebration of familial love, in all its intergenerational, interracial and differently abled forms.

‘A million kisses! Hugs! Hooray! Our grand day begins this way.’

Bursting with earnest rhyme and mixed media dioramas, Reidy and Cotterill’s book whisks us from one smiling family to another over the course of one day. There’s jelly toast and tea at one grandparent’s house, gardening at another, and baking, picnics, yoga and pumpkins everywhere!

‘Pack a basket. Fill a plate. Grand day goodies! We can’t wait!’

How could anyone feel surly or bored when every moment is so bright and crisp, and full of poetry, pie, cartwheels, campfires, marshmallows and music? Each scene is so deftly constructed, lit and photographed, your fingers will want to reach out and grab that rake or strum Grandpa’s beautiful blue guitar. Reidy’s rhymes are as waltz-y as they are warm, but it is Cotterill’s handiwork that really made me want to nibble on a page or two.

To find out more about A GRAND DAY or to purchase your copy, please see the book page right here!

Happy Reading!



Friends, I’m loving this review from YA and Kids Books Central calling ME AND YOU IN A BOOK MADE FOR TWO a fun read-aloud “that will spark young imaginations” in “a charming, rhyming story about friendship and crafting your own story.”

But if you’d like to read more, here’s the review in its entirety!

“ME AND YOU IN A BOOK MADE FOR TWO is a sweet picture book about friendship and imagination. The book first asks what two friends will do together and proposes they consider what they would do in a book that is made about them. Using rhymes and a question format, it proposes many activities to spark the imagination about all the cool things friends could do in a book.

What I loved: This is a story that will spark young imaginations with plenty of ideas about activities and all the things they could dream of doing with a good friend or two or three. The whimsical illustrations are quite colorful and detailed, bringing the story to life. The text flows smoothly with some great rhymes throughout that make it fun to listen to and to read aloud. It is ultimately a story that celebrates friendship and using your imagination in a sweet way.

Final verdict: ME AND YOU IN A BOOK MADE FOR TWO is a charming, rhyming story about friendship and crafting your own story.”

To find out more about ME AND YOU IN A BOOK MADE FOR TWO or to order your copy, check out my book page.

Happy Reading!


It’s that Book Festival Time of Year!

Friends, after two years of virtual visiting, I’m excited to be back on the road with in-person events!

I can’t wait until 10/8 and the Warwick Children’s Book Festival where I’ll be signing copies of SYLVIE and all my latest books. Check out this amazing line-up of authors, illustrators, music, and fun. All the details are right here! https://www.warwickchildrensbookfestival.org/

And then, the very next weekend, on 10/15, I’m heading to the amazing Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival, described as a “magical day of literacy” with signings, storytimes and more with all of your favorite children’s authors. It’s huge and not to be missed. Here are those details! https://ccbfestival.org/

I’m so excited to meet new readers and book lovers at both. And I hope to see you there!

Happy Reading!



I’m thrilled to introduce you to my latest picture book!

This warmhearted picture book celebrates the joy of sharing your story with a friend or someone special.

Me and You in a Book Made for Two puts kids at the forefront and asks them to be the authors of their own stories. With its empowering and aspirational themes that celebrate the power of friendship, collaboration, and teamwork, this book fits the canon of timeless, classic books about how we’re stronger together than we are apart.

Twice the adventure! Double the fun!

From HarperCollins

Part of the What Would You Do in a Book About You? series

Named one of the TODAY Show’s best gifts for babies!

“Featuring upbeat rhymes and busy, cheerful, animated art, this peppy, motivational read invites kids to imagine what they could do or be, during playtime and beyond.”

– Booklist –


ME AND YOU IN A BOOK MADE FOR TWO is on sale now. You can order your copy from your favorite bookseller (IndieBound, Barnes & NobleAmazon) or request it at your library. Would you like an autographed bookplate to go with it? Request it here!


Check out my FREE Downloadable Curriculum/Storytime Guide linked to learning standards available on my book page.

For other FREE resources and information about booking school visits, check out the Schools and Libraries page of my website.


If you’re excited about ME AND YOU IN A BOOK MADE FOR TWO, please help me spread the word. Here are some sample social media posts and the cover photo to get you started:

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A GRAND Dedication

I dedicated A GRAND DAY to my grandmother who lived with us while I was growing up – Nonna Fortuna. Her name was perfect because I felt so very fortunate to have her in my life. She was a gardener and a gatekeeper. She read to me even though she barely spoke English. She knit my mittens, twirled my jump rope & loved me all day long. And I loved her.

I’d love to hear about a special grandparent or grandchild in your life. Please add your stories to the comments below.

And to find out more about A GRAND DAY or to purchase your copy, please see the book page on my website https://jeanreidy.com/books/a-grand-day/

Happy Reading!

A GRAND DAY Case Cover Reveal!

Picture book creation is always full of surprises. And with A GRAND DAY, illustrator extraordinaire Samantha Cotterill and the rockstar team at Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books surprised me with this amazing case cover showcasing the scale and perspective of those beautiful 3-D scenes. I’m blown away!

To find out more about A GRAND DAY or to purchase your copy, please see the book page on my website https://jeanreidy.com/books/a-grand-day/

Happy Reading!