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That time when TRUMAN traveled to Spain and …

a remarkable teacher in Barcelona introduced the story to her class. And her class created amazing art. And they all got to meet a real live tortoise. This is truly the best kind of e-mail. Hi Jean, My name is … Continue reading


Low-tech Learning: Sound Surfing

Nearing the end of my book, Pup 681: A Sea Otter Rescue Story, our little pup draws comfort from the rhythmic rocking provided by her caregiver. Why? Because the rocking reminded her of the rhythm of the ocean waves.¬† Young … Continue reading


Low-Tech, At-Home Learning: Seeing the World Through Tortoise Glasses

When you change your point of view, your world grows. And that’s a beautiful thing. The following activity shows young readers what it might mean to walk in someone else’s shoes¬† – or see from their glasses if you will … Continue reading


Low-Tech, At-Home Learning: Your Traveler’s License and Postcards

In my book Light Up the Night, a child ventures all through his universe – all the way from his galaxy to his bedroom. And his beloved red and white blanket becomes his rocket, his spaceship, his truck, his train, … Continue reading


Low-tech, At-Home Learning: Counting With Critters

If you think about it, there are dozens – if not hundreds – of ways to interact with a picture book. Exploring, discussing, and comparing details in the art are some of those ways. The art of illustrator Leo Timmers … Continue reading

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