Shhhhh! I’m NaNoing.

Sorry it’s been a little quiet around the “Romp” lately. I’ve been NaNoing.

I just hit 30K words and I think I’ve found my ideal daily word count – 2500/day. It keeps me in character for a few hours. It stretches me. It feels hard but doable. It knocks off a couple of short chapters, giving me a solid sense of accomplishment. And it leaves me spent — for the day. But I try to finish each session with some trailing thoughts for tomorrow, so I can pick up easily where I’ve left off.

Hope to be blogging more again soon.

One Response to “Shhhhh! I’m NaNoing.”

  1. Hamilton and Lauren

    30k already? Wow, good job! I passed the halfway point yesterday. I&#39;m trying to write about 2,000 words a day but this is turning out to be a really odd book.<br /><br />Good luck!