My Writing Space

A listserv question prompted me to talk about my writing space today.

I have plenty of possible “offices” in my house, but I’ve always been a kitchen table kind of girl.

I remember doing high school geometry across my family’s kitchen table from my “Nonna” who lived with us.

She would ask me, in Italian. “What are you working on now, Jeanie?” And I would do my best to explain triangles to this magnificently smart woman who boasted only a 3rd grade education. She died when I was just out of college.

I’m still drawn to my kitchen table – albeit a different one – surrounded by activity and FOOD …

and often a sweet Italian angel voice saying “What are you working on now, Jeanie?”

Happy Friday!

P.S. Above is a picture of my writing space today!!

2 Responses to “My Writing Space”

  1. Marcia

    There's an openness and homeyness about the kitchen table that I like, although I'm glad to work in a spot where I don't have to clear my work away. I had a smart GERMAN grandma with a 4th-grade education. 🙂

  2. Susanne Drazic

    I remember doing my homework at the kitchen table. I also remember my mom sitting across from me at that same table quizzing me on my government homework so I could pass the class! <br /><br />My writing area is a desk on wheels that I can move from room to room, so I can work pretty much anywhere I want.