My Thoughts and Actions After Manuscript Submissions

(Hit send)
(Immediately check inbox)
Editor is reading it right now.
Editor is pumping her fist mouthing “You nailed it, Jean.”
(Check inbox)
Editor is calling Caldecott Honor illustrator and saying, “Your other projects will have to wait.”
(Check inbox)
Editor is reading it to her staff and they’re toasting me.
(Check inbox)
Editor is waiting to read it over her lunch break.
(Check inbox)
Editor is thinking it’s sweet.
Editor is thinking it’s good.
Editor is thinking it’s okay.
(Check inbox)
Editor is thinking blah, blah, blah.
She’s wondering, “What was Jean thinking?”
She’s wondering, “What was Jean drinking?”
(Check inbox)
Editor is losing her lunch.
(Check inbox)
Editor is telling her staff, “Those were 2 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.”
She is telling her mom, “I just saved the world from another awful picture book.”
(Check inbox)
She’s asking for matches.
She’s taking up smoking.
She’s holding a match to my manuscript.
(Curse inbox)
I’ve got mail.
“Dear Jean,”
(to be continued…)

7 Responses to “My Thoughts and Actions After Manuscript Submissions”

  1. Laura

    You are so funny! Thanks for entertaining me so much on a day that was becoming all about the work. Great post!

  2. Laura

    *blush* Sorry for the double post. My connection disappeared after I hit send on the first. When I got it back, I checked and couldn't see it, so posted another. And now there are three… *hangs head*