On a Personal Note

Much Joy This Holiday Season

Sorry, I’ve been a little distracted the last few weeks. And here’s why. My lovely granddaughter was born.So while my blog has been a little empty, my heart has been very, VERY full.I’ll be back on the blog next week! Wishing you all many blessings in the New Year!Jean

What Would You Have In Your Dream Writing Space? I Need Your Advice.

A personal massage therapist to work out all those keyboarding kinks? Ahhhh, of course. So I’m taking my new-found empty-nest-hood rather seriously and refurbishing my kids’ computer room to be my home office (the kitchen table just isn’t cutting it). Other than lots and lots of shelves, some workhorse filing cabinets and a wide surface… Read more »

Lovely First Reviews for LIGHT UP THE NIGHT!

Swooning! LIGHT UP THE NIGHT [KIRKUS STARRED REVIEW!]By Jean Reidy; illus. by Margaret Chodos-Irvine The coziest of quilts becomes a rocket ship in this gorgeous, mesmerizingly rhythmic read-aloud that explores a boy’s small place in a vast world. Sporting star-spangled pajamas, the not-too-sleepy astronaut wraps his red-and-white quilt around his shoulders and zooms off into… Read more »

Strong Feelings from Light Hearted Article

When I wrote my article Preschool Wardrobe Wars which appeared Monday in the New York Times Motherlode blog, I knew the topic was universal. After all, that’s why I wrote TOO PURPLEY! But I didn’t expect so much emotion to surround what I considered a humorous and mostly harmless issue. Based on the growing list… Read more »

My Thoughts and Actions After Manuscript Submissions

Perfect.(Hit send)(Immediately check inbox)Editor is reading it right now.Editor is pumping her fist mouthing “You nailed it, Jean.”(Check inbox)Editor is calling Caldecott Honor illustrator and saying, “Your other projects will have to wait.”(Check inbox)Editor is reading it to her staff and they’re toasting me.(Check inbox)Editor is waiting to read it over her lunch break.(Check inbox)Editor… Read more »

The Temptation to Teach a Lesson

I recently autographed dozens of bookplates for TOO PICKLEY! with personalizations for children, but requested primarily by adults. In many of the requests, I was instructed to inscribe mini-warnings like “Remember to eat your veggies” or “Fruits come first.” I find it interesting that, as adults, we can’t seem to let go of those “teachable… Read more »