Strong Feelings from Light Hearted Article

When I wrote my article Preschool Wardrobe Wars which appeared Monday in the New York Times Motherlode blog, I knew the topic was universal. After all, that’s why I wrote TOO PURPLEY! But I didn’t expect so much emotion to surround what I considered a humorous and mostly harmless issue. Based on the growing list of comments, I was wrong. Check them out and post your own – if you dare.

Or better yet, tell me your favorite “kids clothes” story.

3 Responses to “Strong Feelings from Light Hearted Article”

  1. Megan K. Bickel

    I dare not enter the fray! I posted a poem for parents yesterday on my blog and one of the stanzas was &quot;When outfits clash and the car is trash – You’ll get through it.&quot;<br /><br />My three year old just recently wore his doggy shirt for 48 straight hours. I eventually convinced him I had to wash the dog. : )