What Would You Have In Your Dream Writing Space? I Need Your Advice.

A personal massage therapist to work out all those keyboarding kinks? Ahhhh, of course.

So I’m taking my new-found empty-nest-hood rather seriously and refurbishing my kids’ computer room to be my home office (the kitchen table just isn’t cutting it). Other than lots and lots of shelves, some workhorse filing cabinets and a wide surface desk, I’m trying to imagine what else I should squeeze in.

Those metal magnet boards and wire clothes lines are so nifty. But are they useful?

What’s your advice? What are the tools you can’t live without? What are the organization features that make your life easier? What are the furnishings that make you most productive AND comfortable? What are the aesthetics that inspire you?

Oh, and feel free to go into detail – I’m talking links, specs, whatever. 

I look forward to hearing your ideas.

18 Responses to “What Would You Have In Your Dream Writing Space? I Need Your Advice.”

  1. Peter

    Mini-fridge within easy reach without having to leave the comfy desk chair. Comfy desk chair. Cone of Silence (the utility of said 'Cone of Silence' depends upon kids/dogs/etc…in my case with 3 boys and a dog I DESPERATELY need one). One thing I absolutely can not live without: music. One thing that seemed like a good idea at the time but is really just 'reason #1 to procrastinate&#

  2. Jean Reidy

    Peter – all great ideas. Ha ha. Love the Cone of Silence. Do you have a link or model number on that? 🙂 T.V.? Tempted. But I think I'll try to resist. And as for music – Pandora will be at my fingertips.

  3. Jean Reidy

    And here's a question about the "comfy chair." Does anyone have a chair they love? I prefer a hard chair to cushioned or upholstered.

  4. Missy

    I have a 42&quot; HDTV so I can avoid writing more easily and not miss an episode of Hillbilly Handfishin&#39;.<br /><br />To answer your other question, I got an Aeron chair. They&#39;re awesome.

  5. Laurie Thompson

    Besides the oodles and oodles of books, I couldn&#39;t live without my split ergo keyboard and my second, portrait-mode monitor. And, of course, the extra-large dog bed, complete with never-leaves-my-side writing companion.

  6. Rebecca

    In my space I would need stuff that makes me feel like a kid. I always tell my children that some day I will have a doll house in my office (when I have an office). Also something to keep my feet warm, like the foot massager that I used to have that had a heating element. It broke. I miss it!

  7. Susanna Leonard Hill

    Ooh – I like the espresso maker and maid combo, and the masseuse :)<br /><br />I am not very organized, so can&#39;t help you there. All I really need is my computer, a pad of paper, a pen, and my dictionary, thesaurus and rhyming dictionary. Everything else is just window dressing. Alas, the window dressing covers every surface and is all over the floor. What the heck is it?<br /><br />I don

  8. Anonymous

    Oh, the masseuse, please!<br /><br />Along with the stuff you mentioned, my office must have an easy chair (this is in addition to the computer chair, with an endtable and lamp next to it. If I have a cozy reading place in addition to writing space, I could just about live in my office. <br /><br />Marcia Hoehne, who can&#39;t seem to comment on several blogs lately without taking the anon route.

  9. Julie Hedlund

    My two favorite things in my writing space are an antique dictionary stand because I still love looking up words the old fashioned way, and all of my books about the craft of writing lined up at the back of my desk. <br /><br />Also, I love my new &quot;ball&quot; chair for active sitting. I really do feel less tired at the end of the day as a result of it.

  10. Jean Reidy

    Thanks, Julie. You&#39;re now the second writer who has mentioned having a ball chair. I&#39;ve thought about this too. My desktop is a little higher than standard. Wonder if they make different size balls. Where did you get yours?