Light Up the Library – BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS!

The container arrived, the boxes transported, the books sorted and now libraries are being built in multiple Ugandan schools and communities. Andrea Pauline, the executive director of Musana Children’s Home writes:

Hi Jean!!

I wanted to send you an update on the books! They are here and they are AWESOME! We spent the week before last in Mbale at the port trying to clear everything which was kind of a hassle… but Thursday the 17th we finally go them cleared and brought them all to Musana. We had a team of 13 people from Flatirons come in on the 18th as well as 4 peace core volunteers. Musana had mzungus everywhere! We sorted through every single book and divided them between the five schools. Because Musana was the host and most of the volunteers only wanted a couple of boxes, we ended up with A LOT of books. I have been trying to download pictures but internet has been slow and we have been busy with the team. This week I promise to get time and go to the the cafe to download them. We ended up with about $400 extra that was given to Musana that we are making books shelves with now and we are going to be shifting the library into a bigger room. We also have been in discussion with the local government about opening a public library in town so that everyone can have access to the books. It is a huge project but one I am super excited about! The officials we have talked to have all been positive about the idea and so we are looking for a location now. I will keep you updated on what happens. So most likely we will keep about 100 boxes of books for the school and then put the rest (close to 300) in the public library! How exciting is that! We also got 10 solar lights that the P.7’s are using for studying at night (They love them!) and 2 desktop computers. We could not be happier!

Jean, thank you so much for involving Musana is this project! It is going to add so much value to Musana and the the community of Iganga!


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Hi Jean!

Here are a few pictures of the book situation right now. The first one is from when we had a big sorting party with a team that was here. There were three rooms like that with books spread out everywhere! It was crazy! The pictures of the boxes are what it is like right now. We are renovating a room right now that will be the on site school library. I am hoping it will be finished by August and then you will be getting lots and lots of pictures! I am meeting with a district official today about the community library so hopefully that will work out and we will give all of Iganga access to books. Yay!

I will send more as the project progresses! Thanks again for your efforts in making this happen. I know it is going to make a huge impact at Musana and in the community!     THANK YOU!!!

To find out more about Musana Children’s Home in Iganga, Uganda please check out their website at

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  1. literaryfriendships

    Hooray!!! I hope you keep rereading that and looking at those beautiful pictures and take a few moments to appreciate the fact that YOU DID THAT. <br /><br />Go you!