That time when TRUMAN traveled to Spain and …

a remarkable teacher in Barcelona introduced the story to her class. And her class created amazing art. And they all got to meet a real live tortoise. This is truly the best kind of e-mail.

Hi Jean,

My name is Laura and I am a kindergarten teacher in a public school in Barcelona (Catalonia). A few days ago I discovered Truman translated in Catalan, on the website of an expert in children’s literature, Jaume Centelles. I am writing to you because we have worked on your book at the school with great success! We have observed a real turtle, we have drawn it, we have learned many things about these animals and we have talked about our pets. Thank you so much for such a nice book!

A big warm hug from Catalonia,


Truman_Video (Be prepared for adorable Spanish-speaking voices!)

If you speak Spanish, please enjoy the Jaume Centelles review of Truman

And if you don’t, here’s the translation:

“When I saw the cover of this book, I remembered the great movie ‘The Truman Show’ and after reading this beautiful story I understood why. It turns out that Truman is a turtle that lives in a kind of terrarium with glass walls and as it happens to Jim Carrey, he will leave his comfortable space to live an exciting adventure.

Turtle Truman lives in an apartment in a bustling city, with its owner, Sara. One day, he realizes that the girl has left him seven green beans on his plate (two more than usual) and begins to suspect that something different is about to happen. He also sees the girl preparing a backpack bigger than usual, and then kisses her on the finger, brings it to her shell and says ‘Be brave!’… Then Sara leaves and, for the first time, get on bus number 11 going south!

Truman waits, looking out the window for the girl to return, and after waiting, and waiting, and waiting a long time, he decides to go get her!

He climbs out of the terrarium, climbs some stones, reaches the window sill, walks slowly, climbs up the arm of the sofa, slips on a water boot, and fights Sara’s toys scattered on the carpet.

Will this brave turtle get to reunite with the girl?

Lucy Ruth Cummins’ illustrations are powerful, made with crayons, charcoal, markers, gouache and computer finishes.

A book recommended for children and especially for pet lovers and adventurers.

A great big thank you to Truman‘s translator Maria Lucchetti, book critic Jaume Centelles, and “abrazos muy fuertes” to Laura, her wonderful class and all the amazing young readers in Spain!