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Welcome, friends! My latest picture book, BUSY BUILDERS, BUSY WEEK! is out in the world. YIPPEE! In it, you’ll meet a colorful cast of animal characters building something wonderful and whimsical for their community! Each day of the week contains … Continue reading


Skyping with Older Students and “What I Love Most.”

My published picture books are aimed at the youngest readers, so teachers of 2nd-12th graders often wonder what I can do in their classrooms. Why Skype with an author who writes kiddie books? With older students, we usually talk more … Continue reading


Coming in October! WIJ SAMEN OP STAP

Thanks to Leo Timmers, Bart Moeyaert and Bloomsbury, look what’s coming out in October! The Dutch edition of ALL THROUGH MY TOWN. The title translation is “We Go Out Together.” Adorable! Rarely do I get to see my foreign rights … Continue reading



ALL THROUGH MY TOWN is out today in bookstores and libraries throughout my town AND YOURS! “This adorable trip around town will be a big hit with any toddler who has ever been a passenger alongside a busy grownup with errands … Continue reading


Why Picture Books Are Important

Reprinting my post from National Picture Book Month for those of you who missed it. Have you ever seen kids with picture books they love? They carry them around like security blankets. They chew on them. They sleep with them. … Continue reading

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