It’s a grand day for GRAND DAY!

You all know how obsessed I am with my grandkids!

That’s why my latest book deal is a dream come true!

As a matter of fact, when I first began to brainstorm the story, my third grandchild had just been born and I had recently learned that my fourth was on the way.

I’ve drawn inspiration for this book not only from my amazing days with my own grandkids and my mom’s wonderful relationships with my own four children but also my awesome memories with my own grandparents … one of whom lived with us during my growing up.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be working with genius editor Sylvie Frank and amazing cut-paper illustrator, Samantha Cotterill.

Fall 2022 is going to be “grand” for sure!

Here’s the announcement!

“Sylvie Frank at S&S/Wiseman has acquired world rights to Grand Day by Jean Reidy (l.) (Truman), illustrated by Samantha Cotterill (Secret Rhino Society), a picture book tribute to grandparents and grandkids and the fun time they have when they’re together. Publication is planned for fall 2022; Erin Murphy at Erin Murphy Literary represented the author, and Kirsten Hall at Catbird Productions represented the illustrator.”