Low-Tech, At-Home Learning: Sea Otter School

When sea otter Pup 681, Luna, was found, she was so young and so tiny, the Shedd Aquarium staff had to teach her how to act like an otter – it was almost like going to school.

During my launch parties and book festivals for Pup 681: A Sea Otter Rescue Story, I invited young readers and listeners to attend “Sea Otter School” with me. So, with crepe paper kelp, beach balls, and shells for hiding, we learned so much about sea otter behaviors, that we earned our Sea Otter School diplomas and had a “wild” good time.

Now, it’s your turn to go to sea otter school. Learn and imitate how sea otters eat, swim, dive, glide, cry, wrap themselves in sea kelp, hide “treasures” in their under-arm pockets,  and make a raft. Then, design your own diplomas and hold a graduation ceremony. Send me photos and I’ll post them to my blog.

All the sea otter behaviors can be found in my book Pup 681. You can buy it right here.  And if you’d like to support your local independent bookstore, buy it here.

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Have fun. Stay safe. And stay well.