Thoughts from my Books

The Wheels on This Bus …

Ha ha ha. For some strange age-induced, hard-drive-overload, blocked-childhood reason, it never occurred to me that the title of my latest picture book is the repeating stanza of the song I sang to my kids endlessly. YIKES! Here’s the PM announcement: Author of TOO PURPLEY! and TOO PICKLEY! Jean Reidy’s ALL THROUGH THE TOWN, with… Read more »

The Temptation to Teach a Lesson

I recently autographed dozens of bookplates for TOO PICKLEY! with personalizations for children, but requested primarily by adults. In many of the requests, I was instructed to inscribe mini-warnings like “Remember to eat your veggies” or “Fruits come first.” I find it interesting that, as adults, we can’t seem to let go of those “teachable… Read more »

Congratulations to all the TOO PICKLEY PARTY winners!

The TOO PICKLEY PARTY was so much fun! Congratulations to all the prize winners. Monday’s Door Prize, TOO PICKLEY! T-shirt and signed softcover book – Amy DixonTuesday’s Door Prize, Bloomsbury Picture Book Pack – Denise SchurrWednesday’s Door Prize, Bloomsbury Picture Book Pack – Brigette BrankinThursday’s Door Prize, copies of TOO PURPLEY! and TOO PICKLEY! –… Read more »

Title of My Next “Too” Book Contest has a WINNER!

I have to run title contests more often. There were loads of entries – and a little snark on the side. Among the incorrect – but very entertaining – titles were: TOO CASTLEY! (great guess)TOO PURRY!TOO PRICKLY!TOO PASTY!TOO PHONY! (about politicians – see what I mean about snark)TOO WAVY!TOO CURLY!TOO GIRLY!TOO WORDY!TOO BARKY!TOO SCARY!TOO QUEENIE!… Read more »

TOO PICKLEY! Release and a Favor to Ask

Next week on 7/6/2010 TOO PICKLEY! hits bookstore shelves. If you’ve been following my blog, you already know that on release day I’ll be at Musana Children’s Home in Iganga, Uganda, mending mosquito nets, tutoring, playing, singing, dancing, reading and helping the kids there tell stories. While I plan to hold a TOO PICKLEY! ONLINE… Read more »

By Jove! Win a Signed Copy of TOO PURPLY!

In honor of the London Book Fair, April 19th-21st, I’m giving away a free autographed copy of TOO PURPLY! (the U.K. edition of my book). Simply comment on this blog post anytime from now though April 21st to enter. Anonymous comments must include your full name. The winner will be selected by random drawing on… Read more »