TOO PICKLEY! Release and a Favor to Ask

Next week on 7/6/2010 TOO PICKLEY! hits bookstore shelves. If you’ve been following my blog, you already know that on release day I’ll be at Musana Children’s Home in Iganga, Uganda, mending mosquito nets, tutoring, playing, singing, dancing, reading and helping the kids there tell stories.

While I plan to hold a TOO PICKLEY! ONLINE LAUNCH PARTY in early August, I’d love a bit of buzz next week. Unfortunately I can’t do it myself since I’ll have very limited internet access at Musana.

So if you have an extra minute, I’d so appreciate a tweet, post or message about TOO PICKLEY! It should be on sale at all major bookstores including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

And remember, a portion of my author proceeds benefits The Children’s Hospital in Denver.

Thanks so much, friends. Looking forward to reconnecting on my return.

6 Responses to “TOO PICKLEY! Release and a Favor to Ask”

  1. Kristin

    You got it! :)<br /><br />Please let us know about your trip. I&#39;m sure it will be life-changing.

  2. Ellen

    Don&#39;t know which i am more excited for – the kids that will be reading your books or the kids that will benefit from your great adventure! 🙂

  3. Jean Reidy

    Oh Ellen, what a sweet thing to say. I have a feeling I&#39;ll be the one benefiting from those sweet kids.