The Wheels on This Bus …

Ha ha ha. For some strange age-induced, hard-drive-overload, blocked-childhood reason, it never occurred to me that the title of my latest picture book is the repeating stanza of the song I sang to my kids endlessly. YIKES! Bus

Here’s the PM announcement:

Author of TOO PURPLEY! and TOO PICKLEY! Jean Reidy’s ALL THROUGH THE TOWN, with WHO IS DRIVING? illustrator Leo Timmers illustrating, giving a child’s-eye-view of community with a soothing rhythmic verse, again to Michelle Nagler at Bloomsbury Children’s, by Erin Murphy of Erin Murphy Literary Agency (world).

I’m so excited to be working with Michelle again. And while I know you’re all crazy busy – especially you NANOWRIMONITES – I’d love for you to check out the illustrator Leo Timmers at Oh man, his driving critters crack me up.

So happy to be celebrating this latest sale with all of you!! Group Hug2


9 Responses to “The Wheels on This Bus …”

  1. Laura

    Huge congratulations for selling your new books! I like Timmers' illustration colors and his 3d style very much. I'm delighted by your success – you're an inspiration in this difficult industry. 🙂