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TIME OUT FOR MONSTERS! Picture Book Critique Contest

Last summer, TIME OUT FOR MONSTERS! made a monster appearance on bookstore and library shelves everywhere.  And now it’s won the  COLORADO BOOK AWARD! That’s something to celebrate!So  for all my writer friends out there I’m holding a TIME OUT … Continue reading


Picture Book Critiques Auction for One Fund Boston

Today, I heard about a young, self-employed carpenter whose hands were incinerated in the blast at the Boston Marathon. So many lives were greatly touched by this tragedy. How can we not help? I’ve already donated to One Fund Boston. … Continue reading


ALL THROUGH MY TOWN Picture Book Peek 3/11/13!

ALL THROUGH MY TOWN is out in bookstores and libraries throughout my town AND YOURS! “This adorable trip around town will be a big hit with any toddler who has ever been a passenger alongside a busy grownup with errands to … Continue reading


TOO PRINCESSY! Picture Book Peek 2/11/13!

This month, “the princess” is making her royal appearance once again in bookstores and libraries  everywhere when the TOO PRINCESSY! Board Book hits the shelves. “This high-energy outing sends a clear message: sometimes the simplest toy is the best one.” … Continue reading


Why Picture Books Are Important

Reprinting my post from National Picture Book Month for those of you who missed it. Have you ever seen kids with picture books they love? They carry them around like security blankets. They chew on them. They sleep with them. … Continue reading

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