TIME OUT FOR PICTURE BOOKS Picture Book Peek Contest

On July 31st, TIME OUT FOR MONSTERS! is making a monster appearance on bookstore and library shelves everywhere. 

“Energetic and appealing to young artists everywhere, this one is a winner.” School Library Journal

“Spread after spread is a riot of color, goofy fantasy, and well-choreographed freneticism.” Publishers Weekly

“Readers will relate to the main character’s boredom and spunky reaction. Like Max with his Wild Things, this boy takes control in his own age-appropriate way …budding artists and those who have ever felt misunderstood will cheer on this ‘time out’ king.” Kirkus

Now that’s something to celebrate!

So  for all my writer friends out there I’m holding a

Win a free critique of a selected picture book manuscript. 

Here’s how it works:

Sign up for a critique by entering your picture book WORKING TITLE in the comment section of this blog post anytime (midnight to midnight Mountain Time) on August 6th. Titles submitted before or after August 6th will not be considered.

I’ll throw all the submitted titles into a hat and pick 1 for critique.

Keep in mind:
* Manuscripts must be 1000 words or less.

* I accept only fiction.

* Please understand that I’m not an editor and will not be providing line-editing of your work. My critique will be comprised of suggestions for improving your manuscript. So please send me your most polished piece.

* The critique winner must e-mail me his/her manuscript as a Word attachment within 48 hours of the announcement . Manuscripts will be kept completely confidential. When I receive the manuscript, I’ll let the author know when to expect my critique.

* As with any art form, likes and dislikes are entirely subjective. Please understand that my critiques are only one reader’s/writer’s opinion. It’s always wise to seek feedback from a few different readers. If my ideas resonate with you, they’re yours to use. If you disagree, I encourage you to compare my comments with those of other readers. But in the end, it’s your book. Stay true to your vision.

I look forward to reading your work.

P.S. And don’t forget to check out  TIME OUT FOR MONSTERS! and the
TIME OUT FOR MONSTERS! Book Birthday Party going on now through 8/31!

51 Responses to “TIME OUT FOR PICTURE BOOKS Picture Book Peek Contest”

  1. Evelyn

    Your new book sounds awesome, Jean! Congratulations!! And thanks for offering another pb critique.

  2. Cali

    Congrats, Jean! Your new picture book sounds fantastic!<br /><br />See you on August 6th!

  3. Cali

    Congrats, Jean! Your new picture book sounds fantastic!<br /><br />See you on August 6th!

  4. Donna L Martin

    Congratulations Jean! I love monster books and I&#39;m counting down to the 6th for a chance to win your critique!<br /><br />Donna L Martin<br />www.donnalmartin.com<br />www.donasdays.blogspot.com

  5. KTE

    Congratulations, Jean! My working title is &quot;Oh-So-Much Yarn!&quot; Thanks!

  6. KatieC

    So excited to enter! (And please let me know if this is the wrong place for this LOL)<br /><br />PB Title: Lucky For Me<br /><br />email: kclark0637 @ yahoo . com

  7. Kristin

    YAY, Jean! You&#39;re on a roll. Thanks so much for doing this.<br />&quot;SUPER RUPERT&quot;

  8. Lori Alexander

    Thanks so much, Jean. Looking forward to getting my hands on TIME OUT FOR MONSTERS!<br /><br />PB Title: Born to Build<br /><br />lori _ j _ alexander @ comcast.net

  9. Rebecca C

    I&#39;m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of &#39;Timeout for Monsters.&#39; We love monsters at my house, and the book sounds awesome! <br /><br />Thanks for this opportunity. My working title is: <br /><br />Moon Ranch

  10. skywriter

    Title: BUDDY THE DOGBIRD<br />SARAH8778 (at) aol (dot) com<br />(aka: Butterfly Girl)<br /><br />Thanks so much, Jean! I&#39;m looking forward to reading your new book.

  11. pennyklostermann.com

    Time Out For Monsters is such a cute title. I know the book will be great. Congratulations and thanks for this opportunity. <br />My working title is A COOKED UP FAIRY TALE.

  12. cdb

    Hey Jean!<br />Happy to enter with War Wrong – Peace Strong.<br /><br />CONGRATS! You&#39;re amazing!<br /><br />Carole

  13. Margaret G.

    Hi Jean,<br />The working title of my PB is &quot;The &#39;Brary Godmother.&quot; Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. mona

    As I said before, you are so very generous-and here&#39;s my working titile: The Prince Who Loved Pink

  15. Brian Humek

    Hi Jean, <br /><br />Here&#39;s my entry. <br /><br />Title: Saving the Whales (PB) – fiction of course. <br /><br />email: brianhumek at yahoo dot com.

  16. Angela

    Thanks so much Jean. <br /><br /><br />My PB title is Autumn Dance.

  17. Luke

    Can&#39;t wait to read your new book, Jean. Congratulations and thanks for taking time to pass on your sage advice.<br /><br />Title: I Wouldn&#39;t Eat That

  18. Evelyn

    I&#39;m so glad you&#39;re on Mountain Time! I had already shut down my computer and was ready to go to bed when I suddenly remembered your PB Peek. I was so disappointed, thinking I had missed it. But YAY I still get to enter, because even though it&#39;s after midnight here it&#39;s not where you are. 🙂 My title is: Feed that Monster.<br />Thanks for doing this, Jean!<br />Ev

  19. Jean Reidy

    WOW! I think these titles are some of the best I&#39;ve seen yet. There are so many manuscripts here that I&#39;d love to read. But I&#39;m afraid I can only pick one.<br /><br />According to the Random Number Generator, my winner is:<br /><br />KatieC – LUCKY FOR ME<br /><br />Congratulations, Katie! Please send me your manuscript as a Word attachment within 48 hours.<br /><br />Thank you all