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A Little Stand-Up with Lois Lowry

Having read her books like THE GIVER, GATHERING BLUE and NUMBER THE STARS I had almost forgotten that Lois Lowry has her ANASTASIA KRUPNIK side (do you remember what Anastasia wants to name the baby?) as well. Take a look at her hilarious judge’s decision process in School Library Journal’s “Battle of the Kids Books”… Read more »

In an old house in Paris …

… that was covered with vinesHow many of youcan finish those lines?(Admittedly atrocious rhyme substitute) For those who can, you’ll be thrilled to see that Madeline made it to Betsy Bird’s #8. I think I can still recite the entire book – which is the beauty of rhyming picture books. The predictability of the words… Read more »

I Need to Be Rescued!

Tonight I’m being abducted. Right here. In downtown Denver. As a show of solidarity with Uganda’s night commuters – the Invisible Children. My sons have visited the IDP camps. They’ve slept where the night commuters have slept. The tragedy is real. Please, if you know any Denver moguls – Mayor Hickenlooper, Governor Ritter, John Elway,… Read more »

All the SOUL You Need!

SOUL ENCHILADA is on the shelves!!! The Book – Have a look, then buy it now! The Author – David Macinnis Gill – my awesome critique buddy! The Reading Guide – Attentions book clubs and teachers! Author Interviews: Get to know the amazing David at Young Adult Book Central, Cynthea Liu, Julie M. Prince, Debbi… Read more »