Tell Me About Your “Lilly” moments and Win a Book!

If you haven’t been following Betsy Bird’s Top 100 Picture Book Poll you’re not too late to join in the fun. This NYC children’s librarian polled her blog readers on their top 10 picture books. Now she’s not only tallied the results, but she’s compiled comments, reviews, pictures and more, for each of the 100 selections. And she’s awarding even bigger blog blurbs to her top 20.

I was thrilled to see Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse make it to #15. Hooray!

Why do I love this book so much? Because I’ve had “Lilly” moments – even as an adult. My face gets hot just thinking of them – ah, that melting point of anger and embarrassment. Sheesh! If you don’t know what that means, please check out the book – a sweet, funny, smart story about a mouse having a little-bit-naughty day and her terrific teacher who gets it. It’s completely honest and totally charming.

How about you? Do you remember one of your little-bit-naughty days? To celebrate Lilly on the list, tell me about your own Lilly moments. And as a reward for fessing up, I’ll award a copy of Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse to the best story.

1. Stories must be true, from your childhood and G-rated.
2. Stories must appear in the comments section of my blog by midnight MST on May 8th.
3. Stories will be judged on several factors but especially on how well they mimic the authenticity of the”Lilly” moment. By the way, it’s a requirement that you did get caught.
4. I’ll conduct voting via e-mail when the contest closes.

In this world of pressure and perfectionism, it’s refreshing to laugh at the little bit of Lilly in each one of us.