ALL THROUGH MY TOWN is out today in bookstores and libraries throughout my town AND YOURS!

“This adorable trip around town will be a big hit with any toddler who has ever been a passenger alongside a busy grownup with errands to run. With fun-packed illustrations for little ones to look at again and again and a surprise ending that causes instant giggles, this book definitely earns a spot on the ‘favorites’ shelf.”  Kids’ Indie Next List

I’m celebrating, and I hope you’ll join me. Here’s how:

* Tweet or retweet the following message as written below for a chance to win an autographed book, bag and t-shirt!

ALL THROUGH MY TOWN #bookbday. RT anytime on 3/5 for a chance to win a bag, book and t-shirt. #towningaround 

    * Learn more about my amazing illustrator Leo Timmers and explore his incredible artwork via his online portfolio. 

    * Read the wonderful ALL THROUGH MY TOWN reviews. They made me blush.

    * Then stop by  Jennifer Bertman’s Creative Spaces blog, where I’ll take you on a tour “all through my” work space. You’ll also get a peek into my creative process – fancy way of saying my manic mindstorm.

    * From now until 3/31/13 enter to win one of  3 autographed copies of ALL THROUGH MY TOWN on Goodreads. Easy peasy!
    * Check out my awesome Teacher’s Curriculum and Activity Guide linked to learning standards. Whether you’re a teacher, librarian, child care provider or a parent, you’ll find creative activities for fun and learning that reach beyond the book.

    * Pay it forward with my ALL THROUGH MY TOWN: Terrific Teacher/Librarian Contest coming this Friday, March 8th, right here on my blog. Stop by on Friday to enter the name of your favorite teacher or librarian for a chance to win him/her an autographed copy of the book.
    * Are you a picture book writer? Polish up your manuscript and stop back here next Monday March 11th for an ALL THROUGH MY TOWN Picture Book Peek -a chance to win a free critique of your picture book manuscript.

    * Mark your calendar for my ALL THROUGH MY TOWN UPCOMING APPEARANCES including my 

    Family Fun Night Book Release Party at The Tattered Cover Highlands Ranch on April 26th 
    with games, treats and prizes!

    * Finally, if you’d like to buy your own copy of ALL THROUGH MY TOWN, you’ll find it at your favorite bookstore or these online locations.
    And if you e-mail me, I’ll send you personalized autographed book stickers for all your purchased copies.

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the week! 



    1. Congratulations, Jean! The book looks adorable.

    2. Thank you, Jody! Thank you for stopping by.

    3. Congratulations! This looks so appealing.

    4. Thanks, Marcia! Yes, Leo Timmers is amazing. Thanks for stopping by!<br />Jean

    5. Congratulations, Jean! LOVE this one!

    6. Congratulations! How exciting! If you&#39;d like to do a guest post/visit/something on Cynsations, just drop me a note.

    7. Thanks, Jennifer. Thanks for stopping by.

    8. What a great cover! Congratulations, I can&#39;t wait to read it.

    9. Great cover! Congratulations, I can&#39;t wait to read it.

    10. Thanks Rachel! When I first saw the cover I was blown away. It was everything I wanted it to be and more.<br />Jean

    11. Grannie Annie Seisser Schmidt

      Goooooood morning, Jeannie! Thanks for inviting me to this awesome party. I&#39;ve donned my silliest hat and I&#39;m dancing to the music in my head. Can&#39;t think of a better way to celebrate with you in spirit. Woot woot!<br />

    12. And I&#39;m harmonizing with you Grannie Annie! I&#39;ve got the alto part down. Beware of the punch – it&#39;s a little strong!<br /><br />Thanks for stopping by!

    13. Can&#39;t wait to get my hands on this one, Jean! Congratulations on the great early reviews!

    14. Thanks for stopping by, Tara! And yes, I&#39;m loving those reviews!

    15. Proud of you Auntie…And I loved getting a peek at your work space!<br />

    16. Proud of you Auntie! Thanks for the peek inside your work space. Addie and I are going to Barnes and Noble to see if it&#39;s here yet!

    17. Oh sweet Sarah! I think you need to visit my &quot;workspace&quot; is person and bring a couple of extras with you.

    18. Thank you, Cynthia. Yes, I&#39;d love a shout out on Cynsations. I&#39;ll send you that soon.<br />

    19. Oh My goodness, so many fun things to choose from! Great ideas, Jean, and All Through The Town, looks like SO much fun! Can&#39;t wait to get my hands on a copy!

    20. Thanks, Laura! I hope you have time to enter some of the contests! Thanks for stopping by.

    21. Congratulations. I hope you might consider me sharing it here in Grand Junction on my blog and KREX.

    22. Thank you, Diane. I&#39;d love for you to share it. I have all your information. I just haven&#39;t had a moment to go through it. I will soon though. Thank you for stopping by!

    23. It looks adorable, just like all your other books. Congrats!

    24. Thank you, Katie! I owe it to my amazing illustrators and book designers.

    25. Congratulations, Jean! This is the most adorable book yet. You are so talented. =)

    26. And Kimberly – you are SO kind. Thank you for stopping by.

    27. Congratulations, Jean! This looks like a fun book!

    28. Thanks for stopping by, Tina!

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