ALL THROUGH MY TOWN Picture Book Peek 3/11/13!

ALL THROUGH MY TOWN is out in bookstores and libraries throughout my town AND YOURS!

“This adorable trip around town will be a big hit with any toddler who has ever been a passenger alongside a busy grownup with errands to run. With fun-packed illustrations for little ones to look at again and again and a surprise ending that causes instant giggles, this book definitely earns a spot on the ‘favorites’ shelf.”  Kids’ Indie Next List

Now that’s something to celebrate!

So for all my writer friends out there I’m holding an
MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2013
Win a free critique of a selected picture book manuscript. 


Here’s how it works:

Sign up for a critique by entering your picture book WORKING TITLE in the comment section of this blog post anytime (midnight to midnight Mountain Time) on March 11th. Titles submitted before or after March 11th will not be considered.

I’ll throw all the submitted titles into a hat and pick 1 for critique.

Keep in mind:
* Manuscripts must be 1000 words or less.

* I accept only fiction.

* Please understand that I’m not an editor and will not be providing line-editing of your work. My critique will be comprised of suggestions for improving your manuscript. So please send me your most polished piece.

* The critique winner must e-mail me his/her manuscript as a Word attachment within 48 hours of the announcement . Manuscripts will be kept completely confidential. When I receive the manuscript, I’ll let the author know when to expect my critique.

* As with any art form, likes and dislikes are subjective. Please understand that my critiques are only one reader’s/writer’s opinion. It’s always wise to seek feedback from a few different readers. If my ideas resonate with you, they’re yours to use. If you disagree, I encourage you to compare my comments with those of other readers. But in the end, it’s your book. Stay true to your vision.

I look forward to reading your work.



  1. Remember writers – no title entries until Monday! But get those manuscripts ready!

  2. Cute book cover!

  3. Thank you, Susanne. I hope to see you back here on Monday!

  4. Thanks again Jean for this wonderful opportunity. I&#39;m keeping my fingers crossed!<br />Title: Norma Jean Tames the Basement Beast<br />Thanks!<br />Denise Schurr

  5. My daughter is looking forward to your book!<br /><br />Title: THE TEACHER IN 153<br /><br />Thanks!<br />Andrea Odle

  6. Thanks for this opportunity, Jean. I look forward the reading All Through My Town.<br /><br />Title: Sasquatch Serenade<br />Penny Klostermann

  7. What a great opportunity! I can&#39;t wait to see your book; it looks wonderful!<br /><br />Title: MR. BEEP<br /><br />Thanks,<br /><br />Connie B. Dowell

  8. Hooray, thanks for this!<br /><br />Title: NEPTUNA<br />Carter Higgins

  9. Title: BUSTER WON&#39;T WEAR BOWS<br /><br />Thanks,<br /><br />Niki Masse Schoenfeldt

  10. Thanks for this contest, and can&#39;t wait to read ALL THROUGH THE TOWN!<br /><br />Title: HIBERNATOR<br />Julie Falatko

  11. TITLE: TO MARS AND BACK<br /> Elizabeth Stevens Omlor<br />Thank you!

  12. Alexa Kaufhold

    Still haven&#39;t gotten our hands on a copy of this, but we are on the lookout! Congrats again!<br /><br />Title: Monster Wash

  13. Thank you, Jean! <br /><br />My PB title is GOOSE OUT OF GAS.

  14. Your book looks like a fun read!<br /><br />Thanks for this crit opportunity.<br /><br />Title&quot; THERE ARE NO MONSTERS HERE<br /><br />Cindy Breedlove

  15. Congrats!<br /><br />Title: Monster Tea Party<br /><br />Thanks.<br /><br />Amanda Hill

  16. Congratulations Jean! <br /><br />Title: &quot;THE WITCHES ROCK&quot;<br /><br />Mary Warth

  17. Thanks Jean!<br /><br />Title: The Bedtime Train<br /><br />Sharon Chriscoe

  18. Thank you Jean, and Congratulations!<br /><br />PB title: Hinoki Grows Up<br /><br />Cathy Mealey

  19. Thanks for doing this, Jean.<br /><br />Title: Middle Mouse<br /><br />Carol

  20. Thanks Jean!<br /><br />Title: Charming Dina<br /><br />Lori Lehman

  21. Tanya Finestone

    Light Up the Night has been a great conversation starter at our house. Can&#39;t wait to read All Through My Town. <br /><br />Title: The Grape Escape<br /><br />Thank you!

  22. Thank you!<br /><br />Title: STELLA&#39;S SHOES<br /><br />Sallye O&#39;Rourke

  23. Hey picture book writers, I&#39;m heading to bed. But you can continue to enter titles until midnight Mountain Time. And even if I don&#39;t approve them until tomorrow morning, they&#39;ll be date and time stamped when submitted.<br />Sweet Dreams!

  24. WOO HOO! We&#39;ve got a winner. <br />MONSTER WASH<br />Alexa please send my your manuscript as a Word doc attachment in the next 48 hours.<br />Thank you to all who entered.<br />Have a wonderful day!<br />Jean

  25. Alexa Kaufhold

    What, what? Totally clueless winner here. Manuscript will be on the way!

  26. Congrats! Love the name.

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