Pay it Forward Friday: Terrific Teacher/Librarian Book Giveaway!

Here’s an easy way to pay it forward to your favorite teacher or librarian.

Simply enter his/her name or names in the comment section below anytime from midnight to midnight (Mountain Time) on Friday March 8th and he/she will be entered to win an autographed copy of

for a classroom or library.

Names entered before or after March 8th will not be considered.

Enter as many teachers/librarians as you like. I know you can’t pick just one!

Then check back on Saturday March 9th to see if your favorite teacher or librarian is the lucky winner!

Let’s spread that teacher/librarian love!

12 Responses to “Pay it Forward Friday: Terrific Teacher/Librarian Book Giveaway!”

  1. Jody Jensen Shaffer

    Hi Jean! Thanks for the fun contest. I&#39;d like to enter<br /><br />Joan Arth<br />Lindsey Cracraft<br />Amanda Coppedge<br />Kristi Babb

  2. Anonymous

    Shelly Frost!!!<br /><br />Eddie Kiefer&#39;s preschool teacher

  3. Erin

    Marilyn Denison <br />Jennifer Sullivan<br />Cynthia Alaniz<br />Michelle King

  4. Jeanne

    Yay for teachers and librarians! I&#39;d like to enter:<br /><br />Jen Anderson<br />Dena Bonn<br />Tom Brown

  5. Rosemary

    Lisa Lehman – &quot;Lisa the Library Lady&quot;<br />Jennifer Hoagland Nowiki<br />Lynn Mysliwiec

  6. Mary Hundt

    Hi Jean!<br />Thanks for the awesome WRAD Skype visit on Wednesday. I would like to enter all the Kindergarten teachers in my building.<br /><br />Elisa Trussoni<br />Michelle Powell<br />Sara Bradley<br />Laura Wagner<br />Carrie Andres<br />Ashley Razenburger<br />Megan McConkey<br />Tami Brommrich

  7. Jean Reidy

    Hooray! I just selected a winner via Random Number Generator. <br /><br />And the lucky teacher/librarian is<br />Jennifer Hoagland Nowiki!!!<br /><br />Congratulations!<br /><br />Please e-mail me her address and how she might like the autograph personalized and I&#39;ll pop her book in the mail.<br /><br />Thanks to all who entered!<br />Jean