Tools for the Taking

Just because the party’s over …

Even though the TOO PURPLEY! ONLINE LAUNCH PARTY ended a couple of weeks ago, you can still find plenty of freebies on my website at Free downloadable Teacher’s/Activities Guide which includes lots of activities for parents and kids too. Free introductory Skype visits. Free autographed bookplates, bookmarks and coloring pages. Free Picture Book Peeks… Read more »

Double Dose of Query Advice

Two blog posts about querying arrived in my Google Reader on precisely the same day. Both offered wise advice. Nathan Bransford at Curtis Brown, discussed the benefits of batch querying. Shelli Johannes at Market My Words hosted author and query master, Elana Johnson, who lists the top five query mistakes. Ignore these posts at your… Read more »

What They Want: Editors Chiming In

Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth: Top 10 questions Dutton Editors ask Themselves When Looking at a ManuscriptA Diamond in the Slush: What Picture Book Editors Are Really Looking For

How is a Picture Book Like a Golf Swing?

One of my favorite golf pros practiced simplicity in his instruction. Rather than giving me twenty-minutes of pointers to think about during my five-second swing, he’d address just a few. One of his more memorable lessons was when he placed me in perfect body position at address, then backswing, then finish. He had me hold… Read more »

Talking about Titles – More Links

A few more folks are talking about titles: Jill Corcoran, Literary Agent – your title is your billboard.Editorial Anonymous – a fabulous title can move you to the top of the slush. See my original post for more discussion on the importance of titles.