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Picture Book Month Champions Press Release


There’s no such thing as bad publicity … right?

Check this out and watch carefully … And for the full screen version:4-Year-Old’s Overdue Library Books Returned After Police Sent To Family’s House « CBS Pittsburgh At least TOO PURPLEY! wasn’t part of the incriminating evidence.


Children’s Book Week 2012!

.HERE’S WHERE I’LL BE CELEBRATING! Clearview Library720 Third St.Windsor, Colorado Tuesday, May 8th6:00 p.m. Get ready to blast off for some interactive fun and prizes. I’ll be featuring all my picture books including TOO PURPLEY!, TOO PICKLEY!, TOO PRINCESSY!, and … Continue reading


TOO PICKLEY! Will Soon Take a Beating!

Just got the word that TOO PICKLEY! will be coming out in board book format this October – perfect for little hands (and teeth!) everywhere! Do you know a little someone who likes their reading material indestructible? Preorder it on … Continue reading


TOO PURPLEY! featured on the Martha Stewart Show!

 A Purple Party indeed! Here’s the link.

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