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Writing as a Career: Jennifer Nielsen on the Realities and Economics of Publishing

As the new year begins, whether you’re dabbling in writing, considering a career as a writer, selling your first book or just curious about the nuances and economics of traditional publishing, you might wonder if  children’s authors can make a … Continue reading


Author Spots for Schools!

Here’s a great way to connect children’s authors and readers, and it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN for schools, authors and school book fairs everywhere! AUTHOR SPOTS FOR SCHOOLS! Author Spots are FREE mini-commercials created by children’s authors that schools can broadcast to … Continue reading


Let Me Help You Promote Your Book Fair

Hah! Look at that face! AWKWARD! But if you click PLAY, you can help me fix that. Then, get excited, because you’ll hear how TOO PURPLEY! is one of the books coming to your Scholastic Book Fair and how I … Continue reading


Picture Book Month Champions Press Release


There’s no such thing as bad publicity … right?

Check this out and watch carefully … And for the full screen version:4-Year-Old’s Overdue Library Books Returned After Police Sent To Family’s House « CBS Pittsburgh At least TOO PURPLEY! wasn’t part of the incriminating evidence.

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