LIGHT UP THE NIGHT Mini Blog Tour Schedule

Hi friends,
I’m getting so excited for my October 11th release of LIGHT UP THE NIGHT. And over the next few weeks, I’ll be chatting with some awesome folks online. I hope you can join me at one or more of my blog tour stops.

October 10 – 14  (THE WHOLE WEEK) – Picture This!    Rob Sanders

October 11 – Sharing Our Notebooks Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

October 12 – Tamson Weston Books  Tamson Weston

November 4 – Writing for Kids While Raising Them PiBoIdMo Tara Lazar

November 7 – Mindy’s Musings on Writing   Mindy Hardwick



  1. Congrats on your book! Love the cover!

  2. Thanks so much, Cherie!

  3. Hi Jean, Your book seem charming and special. I can't wait to pick it up for my young nieces. I noticed on the other blog that your inspiration came from the children of Uganda. I would love to know the origin of your story. We travelled in Africa; we feel a warm to connection to the children there. Thank you, Kristi

  4. Hey Kristi – Thank you for your kind comment. Where did you travel in Africa?

  5. Kenya

  6. Ah, Uganda's neighbor.

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