A School Library Journal Starred Review for A BOOK ABOUT YOU AND ALL THE WORLD TOO!

With the excitement of an upcoming book release, also comes a bit of worry … about reviews, that is.

A good review is like a “Phew!”

A great review is like a “Well, what do you know?”

And, let me tell you, a starred review is full-blown, heart-in-your-throat gratitude and elation.

Thank you School Library Journal for this glowing, starred review of A BOOK ABOUT YOU AND ALL THE WORLD TOO! I couldn’t be more excited and more grateful to illustrator Joey Chou, agent Erin Murphy and the entire amazing team at HarperCollins.

Here it is:

“Imagine the beauty and wonder that could be found in a book written by the world’s children. In this story, readers are introduced to a wide range of young people, all coming together with the collective intent of creating a shared narrative. Readers are presented with myriad possibilities for action in the hypothetical story described within the pages of this book, including swimming with salmon and spelunking in an unexplored cave. But no matter what the children decide to experience, their shared love crosses any barriers that might exist. This enables the children to create not only a beautiful story for themselves, but one for the world, as well. This heartwarming and whimsical picture book celebrates the potential found in every child to step into their lives with joy, curiosity, and the untethered ability to make the world a better place. Told in short, rhyming couplets, the narrative is easily accessible to very young readers, and it is designed to be voiced aloud thanks to its singsong rhythm and balanced meter. Digitally rendered illustrations depict a variety of children in enchanting scenes, using bright, vibrant colors to attract the attention of young children in particular. ­Together, the narrative and ­images ­complement one ­another, and they succeed in inspiring ­readers of all ages to bravely venture into the world they imagine. VERDICT This expertly designed picture book is a love letter to the Earth’s future, and it is a joy to read aloud to young children.”

What a great way to start the weekend.

A BOOK ABOUT YOU AND ALL THE WORLD TOO comes out on June 13th. To learn more or to preorder your copy, see the book page here on my website. 

Happy Reading!