Can I have your autograph?

While I wish I could travel the globe to sign my books, unfortunately, I can’t. So the next best thing is an autographed book sticker for your book. If you would like one or more, please complete my contact form (mailing address is required) and include titles of the books purchased and personalization requests in the message… Read more »

I have to do an author report. What now?

I have loads of information on my website. Click around and explore. Read all the FAQs. Take a peek at my media kit. In there you’ll find pictures, interviews, book reviews and a whole lot more. If you have other questions that aren’t answered on my website, you may contact me and I’ll get back to… Read more »

Do you have any advice for kids who love to write? How about kids who don’t?

Whether you love to write or hate to write, my advice is the same. First, read, read, read. Read a lot. Read often. Comic books, magazines, cereal boxes, funny books, sad books, adventures, fantasies – whatever you like … and some things you don’t. Reading can be the best teacher of writing. I actually schedule… Read more »

Where do you work?

For a peek into my work space and work habits click here.

Do you write longhand, on a computer, or another way?

I like to switch it up. When I write longhand it’s usually on scrap paper or in old spiral notebooks leftover from my kids … you know, the ones with a few pages left.  It’s a green thing. I use those notebooks to scribble out ideas, play around with words, experiment with rhythms.  When an… Read more »

What’s your favorite thing about writing for kids?

My favorite thing about writing for kids is trying to think like a kid, and then when all the hard work of writing is done, watching that kid fall in love with a book.

Where do you get your story ideas?

Story ideas are everywhere. I find them in the funny – sometimes naughty – and tender things kids say or do. I find them in the crazy – sometimes naughty – things I did as a kid. I find ideas in art and photographs and on walks – yes, ideas are everywhere. You just need… Read more »

How did you get started writing for kids?

I’ve always loved to read and when my kids were young, I loved reading to them. It was then that I rediscovered the wonderful world of children’s literature. I had been writing for magazines and newspapers for a while, but then on a cross country road trip with my kids, while listening to a children’s… Read more »