How did you get started writing for kids?

I’ve always loved to read and when my kids were young, I loved reading to them. It was then that I rediscovered the wonderful world of children’s literature. I had been writing for magazines and newspapers for a while, but then on a cross country road trip with my kids, while listening to a children’s audio book, I came up with an idea for my own middle grade novel. I got so excited that I had my daughter take notes on a map as I rattled off thoughts about my story. When I got home, I started writing.  As I began to explore the craft of writing for children, with my kidlit creativity roused, I found that I was tuning in to story ideas all around me.  And that extended to ideas for picture books.  I love the economy, word play and poetry of picture books.  I also love getting to work side-by-side with award-winning artists.  I hope to publish a novel someday, but for now, my picture books are keeping me plenty busy.