What is Wild? Guest Post by Megan Wagner Lloyd

From the moment I saw the cover of FINDING WILD, I knew I needed to learn more about the inspirations and dreams for this beautiful book. I’m so pleased that Megan Wagner Lloyd agreed to give us a glimpse into just that!

What is Wild?

by Megan Wagner Lloyd

When I wrote my picture book FINDING WILD, I didn’t set out to teach kids about the importance of spending time in nature. I wrote it from a place of joy. I wrote it because I wanted to explore the idea of “What is wild?” and to celebrate my own love for the outside world.

Although I didn’t write FINDING WILD with a teaching mindset, I’ve realized that it can be a great resource for teachers looking to incorporate more nature exploration into their classrooms, and for parents and caregivers trying to inspire kids to spend more time outside.

Some kids are obvious “nature kids.” You know, the ones who spend their toddler days slapping together mud pies and chasing “butterfwies.” Other kids are more naturally inclined to stay indoors reading or building or crafting (or watching screens). I get these kids. Although I love the great outdoors, I love the cozy indoor life, too. After all, not much can beat curling up with a book or a movie and a mug of hot chocolate on a rainy day.

Not all kids or adults want to be outside for hours on end or are destined to be avid hikers–and that’s okay!

That said, I think that with a bit of creativity, even the least outdoors-y among us can find ways to truly enjoy experiencing the wild. I’ve put together a Pinterest board of children’s nature activities that might be helpful, if you’re in search of fresh ideas.

My hope is that after a child reads FINDING WILD, they’ll be excited about exploring the natural world, even if they’re usually more drawn to other pursuits…and that they’ll discover their own unique ways of finding wild.

Megan Wagner Lloyd has been reading for (almost) as long as she can remember, and writing stories for just as long. Her first picture book is FINDING WILD, illustrated by Abigail Halpin. She lives with her family in the Washington D.C. area.


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