My 1-3-1 Poetry Exercise

When I was a child, I loved reading poetry. But later in life when I learned to analyze and deconstruct poems, my passion faded. Poetry can be hard to decipher. And when you try too hard, the deciphering can bog you down.

I developed this quick poetry exercise to help me read and think about poems with less effort and more enjoyment … like I had as a child.

I call it my 1-3-1 Exercise!

1  – Think of 1 word to describe how you feel after reading the poem.

3 – Pick out 3 words from the poem that contribute to that feeling.

1 – In one sentence tell what the poet might be saying in the poem.

Try it! And if it works for you, add it to your poetry toolkit.

Then share a poem with a friend.

Happy poetry month!

2 Responses to “My 1-3-1 Poetry Exercise”

  1. Penny Parker Klostermann

    This is perfect, Jean, because over deciphering can take all the fun out of poetry. And I always wondered how my teachers “really” knew what the poet meant when they wrote the poem!

    • jean

      So true, Penny. And poetry is so personal to begin with. Like art, it should be evaluated and enjoyed with much personal preference and interpretation.