ALL THROUGH MY TOWN wins the Dutch Silver Pencil Award!

Yesterday I received a fabulous package from Bloomsbury – lovely prizes from the Netherlands.

ALL THROUGH MY TOWN won the Dutch Silver Pencil Award – otherwise known as the Zilveren Griffel! Doesn’t that have a wonderful ring to it?

And yes – over to the left – that’s a gorgeous silver pencil with my book title in Dutch and the name and date of the award engraved in. Amazing!

I’m completely honored. Congratulations, as well, to my fabulous illustrator Leo Timmers and awesome translator Bart Moeyaert.

6 Responses to “ALL THROUGH MY TOWN wins the Dutch Silver Pencil Award!”

  1. Leandra Wallace

    Congratulations, that’s so great! All Through My Town is still a big hit w/my son. I don’t even know how many times we’ve read it. I might’ve mentioned this to you before, but I’d taken to dropping it behind the couch after we’d read it several times in a row. I’d distract him w/something and then ‘plop’ down the back of the couch it’d go. Only his favorite books get this treatment. =)

  2. Leandra Wallace

    Okay, so I just reread my comment and I’m not a terrible mother, I promise, lol! But reading something three times in a row is about my limit before I start going all twitchy. I always dig his favorites out from behind the couch the next day, scout’s honor. =D