Coming in October! WIJ SAMEN OP STAP

Thanks to Leo Timmers, Bart Moeyaert and Bloomsbury, look what’s coming out in October!

The Dutch edition of ALL THROUGH MY TOWN.

The title translation is “We Go Out Together.” Adorable!

Rarely do I get to see my foreign rights books, so this is exciting!




  1. CONGRATS, Jean!

  2. Jean your post are delightful and inspirational! I was lucky enough to be in your Big Sur in the Rockies critique group and want to Congratulate you on this success and accomplishment here and overseas! The book is adorable. Thanks for sharing with all of us writers and admirers.<br />

  3. Congratulations Jean – your post are as inspirational as you are. I was lucky enough to be in your critique at Big Sur in the Rockies last May. I am proud to have met you and enjoy hearing of your successes and encouragements.

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