Picture Book Critiques Auction for One Fund Boston

Today, I heard about a young, self-employed carpenter whose hands were incinerated in the blast at the Boston Marathon. So many lives were greatly touched by this tragedy. How can we not help?

I’ve already donated to One Fund Boston. But now I’m challenging you to do the same. And as my way of saying thanks, I’m giving away a picture book manuscript critique.

GREAT NEWS! The amazingly talented Tara Lazar and Tammi Sauer are “in the house.” They are also offering fiction picture book critiques. NOW YOU CAN WIN ONE OF 3 CRITIQUES!

So please, read about One Fund Boston below. Then enter your donation pledge (in $) and your camouflaged e-mail address in the comment section of this post from now until 4/30/13. For each $5 you pledge, you’ll get an entry into the drawing. So, for example, if you pledge $50, you’ll get 10 chances to win. Then on 5/1/13 (midnight Mountain Time) I’ll draw 3 random entries to each win one of 3 fiction picture book manuscript critiques. The winning donations will be verified by your One Fund Boston Paypal receipt at the end of the auction. Critique pairings will be made by random drawing.

And even if you’re not a critique winner, I hope you’ll still consider donating. Because after all, we are Americans. We may be bruised, but we’re never broken.


One Fund Boston: 2013
 Our hearts continue to go out to those affected by the tragedy in Boston. In the immediate aftermath of the devastation and days since, we’ve witnessed incredible acts of humanity from a community that we are so proud to serve.

In light of this event, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Tom Menino recently announced the formation of The One Fund Boston. This fund has been established to help the individuals and families most affected.

Please join us and our partners in support of the victims of this tragedy.

To learn more about how you can help, please visit: http://onefundboston.org/

49 Responses to “Picture Book Critiques Auction for One Fund Boston”

  1. Dr. Missy

    I contributed to One Fund Boston (see my post on PB) and I have a PG manuscript I&#39;d like for you to read!<br />ovisun 59

  2. Penguin

    I bid $50.00 as well. Jean… you just raised $100.00 in about 5 minutes, I think! I bet you&#39;ll raise a LOT more! GO GO GO!!!

  3. Penguin

    Just want to say how awesome Tara Lazar is for offering up a critique! And for donating, as well as all the others here! And… hi Cathy! *waves* I keep bumping into you! :-)<br /><br />Salina

  4. Laura Murray

    Thanks Jean for making us aware of this opportunity to help! As I posted on Tara&#39;s blog, this is close to my heart, as we had a family member just 1 block away from the explosions. We are couting our blessings that she was okay, and praying for those who were devasted by this. I was more than happy to donate.

  5. Andrea

    I bid $100, too!<br /><br />I grew up a block away from the foot of Heartbreak Hill and watched the marathon every year. THANK YOU, Jean, Tara, &amp; Tammi — you are awesome!!

  6. Jean Reidy

    I&#39;ve changed up the rules for the auction bidding, Connie. Now everyone will have a chance. I hope you&#39;ll enter your pledge. Thank you, for stopping by.<br />Jean

  7. Kelly H-Y

    What a phenomenal idea!! Thanks to all three authors for contributing your services, as well! I bid $30.00. Thank you, again!!

  8. Michele Morgan

    Hi Jean – I just donated $50. One of my close friends ran in the Marathon. He finished just minutes before the explosions – was about 75 yards away. His wife, daugher and son-in-law had just left the finish line. They were safe but shaken. Thank you for doing this. xoxo<br />

  9. Carol Gordon Ekster

    This is wonderful and healing to all that hurt and sadness brought about by this horrific act of terror. Would like to donate $25. Do you know if there&#39;s another way to give besides with paypal? Thanks, Jean

  10. Susan Halko

    Great idea. I donated $50. Susan Halko at sbcglobal dot net<br />

  11. Sherry

    Just donated $100. Live in Toronto right now but Boston is home.<br /><br />Hope I&#39;m doing the email camouflage thing correctly!

  12. Sherry

    Just donated $100. Live in Toronto right now but Boston is home. Thank you for doing this.

  13. Sherry

    Just donated $100. Live in Toronto right now but Boston is home. Thank you for doing this.

  14. Lois

    Thank you so much, Jean and Tara and Tammi!<br /><br />I pledged $25.

  15. Angela

    <br />I just pledged $50.00 and thank you for organizing this. My prayers have been directed toward Boston.

  16. Unknown

    What a great idea. I lived in Boston for three years, and it is a city that remains close to my heart.<br /><br />Amy Cohas

  17. Unknown

    What a good idea. I just donated $50.00 – I lived in Boston for three years, and it is a city that remains close to my heart.

  18. Jean Reidy

    Hey Unknown – Thank you so much for making a donation. Please add your disguised e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win.<br />Jean

  19. Unknown

    <br />Sorry Jean! I live in Hong Kong, and the gmail login that popped up was in Chinese, and when I signed in anyway, it came up as &quot;anonymous.&quot; I&#39;ve just sent you an email with this same explanation and my email address. When I post this, it will probably come up again as anonymous, but my name is Amy Cohas. Glad to see so many people participating.

  20. skywriter

    Thanks for doing this! I pledge $60<br />SARAH8778 (at) aol (dot) com<br />(aka: ButterflyGirl at Verla&#39;s)

  21. Sue Frye

    Jean, Thanks so much for setting this event up. I pledge $35. What you and so many others are doing is awesome!

  22. Laura Renauld

    What a great, supportive community there is here! Thanks for organizing this! I pledge $50.<br />alrenauld at gmail dot com

  23. Jean Reidy

    Hey Everyone!<br /><br />It&#39;s May 2nd so you know what that means.<br />The critique contest deadline has passed.<br /><br />As of yesterday, we&#39;ve raised over $1400 for One Fund Boston – and that was only from the contest entrees. Many, MANY other generous friends messaged me to let me know that they donated as well. Tara, Tammi and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.<br /><br

  24. jesswriteshere

    Congratulations to the winners! Jean, did you total up all the donations? I think you&#39;ve helped raise a very nice chunk of change for One Fund Boston! Awesome!!