I Love Picture Books – Peek Week #10 – February 14th!

 It’s a Valentine’s Day Picture Book Peek Week
Free critique of a selected picture book manuscript
It begins February 14th!

Here’s how it works:

Sign up for a critique by entering your picture book WORKING TITLE in the comment section of this blog post anytime (midnight to midnight Mountain Time) on February 14th. Titles submitted before or after February 14th will not be considered.

I’ll throw all titles into a hat and pick 1 for critique.
Keep in mind:

* Manuscripts must be 1000 words or less.

* I accept only fiction.

* Level of detail in the critique will vary based on my impression of the caliber of the writing.

* Please understand that I’m not an editor and will not be providing line-editing of your work. My critique will be comprised of suggestions for improving your manuscript. So please send me your most polished piece.

* The critique winner must e-mail me his/her manuscript as a Word attachment within 72 hours of the announcement . Manuscripts will be kept completely confidential. When I receive the manuscript, I’ll let the author know when they can expect my critique.

* As with any art form, likes and dislikes are entirely subjective. Please understand that my critiques are only one reader’s/writer’s opinion. It’s always wise to seek feedback from a few different readers. If my ideas resonate with you, they’re yours to use. If you disagree, I encourage you to compare my comments with those of other readers. But in the end, it’s your book. Stay true to your vision.

I look forward to reading your work.


“Jean’s critique played a direct role in getting me an agent. What more can I say? She’s an invaluable resource for kidlit writers.”
Tara Lazar, author of THE MONSTORE coming soon from Aladdin/Simon & Schuster 2013

39 Responses to “I Love Picture Books – Peek Week #10 – February 14th!”

  1. giogas

    I just have to say how much your books have been popping up in my life lately (happily). We took them out of the library and had to renew them so we could continue to reread each night. I just turned in the Scholastic order form, then I read the CWIM interview with you. Now I find this blog. Eerie, but fun!! Can't wait until Valentine's Day. Thanks!!!

  2. Rebecca Colby

    What a great way to celebrate Valentine&#39;s Day! Thanks for offering up a free critique! <br /><br />My PB working title is: <br />MONSTERELLA

  3. Megan K. Bickel

    It&#39;s time to enter! Yay! I&#39;d like to enter my PB manuscript &quot;London Brown Is Falling Down.&quot;<br /><br />Can&#39;t wait to see if I win! : )

  4. giogas

    Is this the right place to post a title? Seems odd that I&#39;d be first, so here goes:<br />&quot;Zooth Fairy.&quot;<br />Thanks for the opportunity, Jean.

  5. Evelyn

    You&#39;re wonderful, Jean, to offer this opportunity! Happy Valentine&#39;s Day to you. My pb title is &quot;Feed that Monster.&quot;

  6. LadyJai

    Sooooo coolbeans smothered in awesomesauce!! I hope I win! <br /><br />My PB Working title is: Walter the Water Bear (or Walter Bear for short)

  7. Stephanie Shaw

    Good luck and Happy Valentines Day to everyone!<br /><br /><br />My title is &#39;Sheldon Steiner Super Whiner&#39;.

  8. Carrie F

    Would you consider a collection of poems? If so, please add mine, working title:<br />HALLOWEEN RHYMES<br /><br />Thanks for doing this!

  9. mindyalyse

    Thanks so much, Jean. This is so generous of you, and you always give amazing advice. I&#39;d love to know what you think of SNORING BEAUTY&#39;S ROYAL PROBLEM.<br /><br />Happy Valentine&#39;s Day. 🙂

  10. eecoburn

    I have no good title yet, so I will just call it CAPTAIN BILGEWATER.<br /><br />Thanks for your generosity!

  11. Jeremy Eyman

    Jean, thanks so much for this contest. Here&#39;s my working title…<br /><br />&quot;The Best Story Ever&quot;<br /><br />Best Regards,<br />Jeremy

  12. Penny

    Happy Valenines!<br />Thank you for doing this. To be drawn would be like winning the lotto and I would be sooo happy! I wish everyone the best of &quot;lotto&quot; luck!<br />My title:<br />&quot;The Doodles&quot;

  13. Shari

    Happy Valentines Day! What a lovely idea!<br /><br />Fingers crossed that you will draw &quot;Dinnertime!&quot; out of your hat. <br /><br />Thanks for the contest opportunity.

  14. Jean Reidy

    WHOOOPEEEE! I&#39;VE PICKED A WINNER – or actually Random Number Generator picked it for me!! I can&#39;t wait to read …<br /><br />GRANNY PAM ON THE ROOF!<br /><br />Kangaroobee you have 72 hours to send me your manuscript as a Word attachment. Please send it to reidy(dot)jean(at)gmail(dot)com.<br /><br />CONGRATULATIONS!!