Hail to the Hashtag!

I’ve been Twittering for a while. But as for it’s features, efficiencies and value, I’ve been sold on it slowly.

TweetDeck satisfied my CPA column craving, allowing me to categorize and organize those I follow into a tidy format. That tool alone boosted my Twitter presence considerably. But hashtags were always a bit of a mystery. While I understood them by definition, I couldn’t seem to break into their culture or figure out how to shim them in to my already time-thirsty internet life.

Then, just this morning, in a nanosecond between cups of coffee, I gave hashtags another try and HALLELUJAH!

Using my beloved TweetDeck I added columns for two goldmine hashtags. The info packed into these categorized tweets alone would make jumping on the Twitter train worthwhile. They are


If you’re not on Twitter yet and you’re wondering what you’re missing, check out this recent chat transcript from #pblitchat. Yup, that’s right, incredible children’s authors, editors, and agents all hanging out and chatting.

What are your favorite hashtags?

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