Agent Appreciation Day: Erin Murphy

Top 10 reasons why I love my agent:

10. She represents picture book authors.
9. She’s a hands-on, editorial agent. Nothing goes out until it’s perfect.
8. She loves my projects – not all, but most.
7. She gently nudges me in the best direction for my career.
6. She responds to my e-mails by the end of the day.
5. She knows the business and targets submissions with expert precision.
4. She treats all my ideas with great respect.
3. She considers her clients one big family – we have our own Yahoo group.
2. She holds an annual retreat for her clients.

And the #1 reason why I love my agent …

1. She’s a lovely and lovable person – kind, considerate and fun.

Learn more about Erin Murphy:

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Erin Murphy Literary AgencyNEW WEBSITE!!

5 Responses to “Agent Appreciation Day: Erin Murphy”

  1. Evelyn

    Thanks for the information and the links, Jean. Erin sounds like a wonderful agent.<br /><br />Best wishes on your Too Purpley! release coming up soon.<br /><br />Ev

  2. kathy stemke

    Hi Jean. I&#39;m a friend of Bill Kirk. He suggested your site, your writing tips, and your agent appreciation. I&#39;m a new author too. I&#39;vesigned two contracts with small publishers. I&#39;m still learning. Do you recommend an agent? I&#39;m going to follow you. Thanks.

  3. Jean Reidy

    Hi Kathy,<br />Thanks for your post. Yes – I highly recommend having an agent, for all the reasons I mentioned above.