For the Love of 49 Words: You say “Purply” and I say “Purpley.”

I couldn’t be more excited about finding TOO PURPLEY! on Amazon. And if you should search on my author name, you’ll see the paperback U.K. version right there next to the U.S. hardcover. Now look closely. The U.K. title is actually TOO PURPLY! That makes me smile.

Why? Because my editor spent tons of time with her U.K. counterparts deciding on the spellings of all my made-up words. And there are quite a few. She explained their thought processes which were highly intelligent and completely logical. And it was decided that “purply” would work better for the Brits.

I love that these wonderful editors – both here, and across the pond – take my precious words – both real and made-up – as seriously as I do. All 49 of them.

3 Responses to “For the Love of 49 Words: You say “Purply” and I say “Purpley.””

  1. gail

    Congrats! The cover is too cute! And so purpley…or is it purply? So that&#39;s not really a word huh? :)<br /><br />gail