Picture Book Peek Week begins June 8th!

Lately, I’ve been getting loads of requests for Picture Book manuscript critiques. I’m honored and I love to do them.

So in an attempt to balance my reading with my writing, I’ve decided to host a Picture Book Peek Week during which time I’ll offer free critiques of select PB manuscripts – including those wretched rhymers (Yup, 3 of my upcoming PBs are written in verse!). Hopefully, it will work out so well, I’ll be able to do this several times a year.

The first one begins June 8th. Here’s how it will work:

1. You may sign up for critique by entering your working PB title in the comment section of this post beginning 12:00 Noon Eastern Time on June 8th. Titles submitted before then will not be considered. Critiques will be granted to the first 7 unique authors to enter titles.

2. Manuscripts must be 1000 words or less.

3. For this Peek Week, I will only accept fiction.

4. Level of detail in the critique will vary based on my impression of the caliber of the writing.

5. Please understand that I’m not an editor and will not be providing line-editing of your work. My critique will be comprised of suggestions for improving your manuscript. So please send me your most polished piece.

6. The 7 critique winners may e-mail me their manuscripts as a Word attachment. Manuscripts will be kept completely private. When I receive the manuscripts, I’ll let the authors know when they can expect my critique.

7. As with any art form, likes and dislikes are entirely subjective. Please understand that my critiques are only one reader’s/writer’s opinion. It’s always wise to seek feedback from a few different readers. If my ideas resonate with you, they’re yours to use. If you disagree, I encourage you to compare my comments with those of other readers. But in the end, it’s your book. Stay true to your vision.

I’m looking forward to reading your work.

58 Responses to “Picture Book Peek Week begins June 8th!”

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to this. Will you post your comments on the submitted picture books?

  2. Jean Reidy

    I plan to keep critiques private. But if general comments/suggestions arise from the 7, I may post those with no mention of names or titles.

  3. Mimi Schaefer

    great idea, Jean. I hope you get a lot of submissions and that they keep you on your toes! MIMI

  4. Anonymous

    Would love to see you post general comments if you have them (patterns, things you noticed most, etc….)

  5. dragonlady

    ooh.. I think I can finally respond… Maude here… please oh please count me in!<br /><br />Maude

  6. Jean Reidy

    Yeah, Maude!! And remember, everyone, on Monday just comment with your working title. I&#39;m so excited to read your work.

  7. Anonymous

    Can&#39;t wait until tomorrow!<br /><br />SusanT

  8. Anonymous

    Hi Jean,<br />Thanks for this opportunity. I&#39;ll be here at noon!

  9. Anonymous

    I totally love that you&#39;re doing this, Jean.<br /><br />Cali

  10. Anonymous

    just trying out to see if I can really reply …

  11. Mary Forhan

    Thanks for offering this great opportunity. Having never posted a comment before, I&#39;m experimenting with the format, before 10.

  12. SusanT

    I&#39;d like to enter my 500 word PB &quot;Emma&#39;s Rainbow&quot; in your contest!!<br /><br />Ooooo… I hope I win!!

  13. Anonymous

    Andy and the Magic Slate<br />maryforhan@comcast.net

  14. Anonymous

    The Heroic Adventures of Harecules<br /><br />Cali

  15. coffeeluvr

    My picture book title is–<br />Busy Being Mara<br /><br />hike0615@hotmail.com

  16. mindyalyse

    Yikes, looks like I might be one minute fast on the other. Hope it&#39;s okay to try again.<br /><br />Hide and Quack.

  17. coffeeluvr

    Not sure if it went through first time..<br />Busy Being Mara<br />hike0615@hotmail.com

  18. Anonymous

    i&#39;d love to have you take a look at <br />Stevie Magee And The Bee!

  19. Traci @ ITD

    Forgot to add my email address:<br />traciandkurt@mac.com

  20. Anonymous

    not sure it went through the first time so here it is again…<br />Stevie Magee and the Bee

  21. Traci @ ITD

    hmmm, my title didn&#39;t post.<br /><br />Picture Book: My Dog is Crazy

  22. Traci @ ITD

    Sorry for the repeat, I&#39;m pretty new at commenting on blogs and got impatient. 🙂 This is a great thing you are doing, Jean.

  23. Anonymous

    Hi Jean, This is Schriscoe from verlakay.com <br />I hope I&#39;m not too late.<br />My picture book is 663 words <br />Title: Lucy Locomotive Gets Lost<br />I would love to get a critique from you.<br /><br />My email is schriscoe@yahoo.com

  24. Anonymous

    Hi, I&#39;m late (it&#39;s 1:30 EST), so if for some reason you haven&#39;t filled up, I would love for you to see BABY ZOOM<br /><br />Amy S. Hansen<br />amy.hansen@nasw.org<br />aka amy s on Verla Kay<br /><br />thank you for the cool offer.

  25. Jean Reidy

    Oh wow! 17 titles so far and perhaps more to come. And they all sound like winners to me. I&#39;m so honored that you all took advantage of my humble offer.<br /><br />And I loved that you had your pointers poised on that send button right at 10 AM. Just so you know, the time stamp reflects the time the comment came in, not the time I ultimately published it. And the titles are posted in exactly

  26. Anonymous

    Jean, thanks so much for this opportunity! I&#39;m inspired by the many clever titles. Somehow my title didn&#39;t post, although my practice run on Saturday went through. Any helpful suggestions for future postings?

  27. Jean Reidy

    Anonymous, I&#39;m so sorry your title didn&#39;t post through. I wish I had a techie explanation. What was it and I can check those I received again to make sure I didn&#39;t miss it? I hope to simplify the process in PB Peek Week #2.

  28. Jennifer McKee

    When do you plan to do PB Peek Week again? A friend from my writer&#39;s group told us about your offer during our meeting yesterday. I&#39;m looking forward to the next opportunity. Thanks for helping others along!<br /><br />Jennifer