Picture Book Peek Week #1 Winners Announced!

Oh wow! So many titles and perhaps more to come. And they all sound like winners to me. I’m so honored that you all took advantage of my humble offer.

And I loved that you had your pointers poised on that send button right at noon Eastern Time. Just so you know, the time stamp reflects the time the comment came in, not the time I ultimately published it. And the titles are posted in exactly the order they arrived in my inbox. But I do have to wonder how Blogger queues comments that come in at the same time. So I think for my next PB Peek Week, I’ll let the entries flow in all day (taking the pressure off the clock) and then pick 7 out of a hat.

There were so many wonderful and hilarious titles. I wish I had time to take a look at all the manuscripts. Thank you so much for participating!

Check out the winners here: https://jeanreidy.com/2009/06/picture-book-peek-week-begins-june-8th/

I can’t wait to dig in!