No surprise – WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is #1

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is often touted as the perfect picture book and the one to study if you’re an aspiring PB writer. I remember, when I first read it (my oldest received it as a newborn gift) finding Max’s naughtiness distinctly refreshing. His smirky, little face could be found on any one of my kids. This is a must-have for anyone who once was or has loved a “naughty” kid. I’m thrilled it took #1 in Betsy Bird’s Top 100 Picture Books Poll. Tell me why you love WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE and win a copy of the book. I’ll draw a winner from the first ten readers to comment on this blog post.

7 Responses to “No surprise – WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE is #1”

  1. Lynne

    Maurice Sendak told a fun, adventurous story in so few words! That’s the talent of a great picture book writer. Amazing illustrations tell the story as much as the words do.

  2. gail

    Lynne summed it up so well. Just the words "of one kind or another" hold so much meaning. It the perfect pairing of text and images.<br /><br />I also love the fact that although it is a timeless story, it reflects the standards of a certain time period. Today would it be considered acceptable to send a child to their room with no supper? And a bigger question, would a publisher be willing to go

  3. Heather

    As a kid I was so into the monsters and the adventure. I love that I can share it with my kids now and they have as much fun with it as I did.

  4. Donna J. Shepherd

    It’s a fine picture book when both the parent and the children enjoy reading it together. To tell a timeless story in very few words is truly a wonderful thing.

  5. Jean Reidy

    Okay, it&#39;s been a few days and with PB Peek Week coming, I&#39;m worried that this little contest will get lost in the fray. So I&#39;m going to go ahead and draw a winner!! And the winner is … brrrrrrrum (bad literary interpretation of a drum roll) … LYNNE!! Congratulations Lynne ! Please e-mail me your snail mail address and I&#39;ll send a brand new copy of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE